All About Me

It is just wonderful to meet you! I’m Miss Renay and  I created Then We Started Living.It is a fun little blog about all things me.  Here you can read about my inspiration, my crafts, my life, my school projects, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the time. 

Smiles are very very very underrated!

Everything always happens for a reason and that reason is to make you the very best you that you can be!

My Mr. Fantastic and I have been together for quite some time.  We met when his best friend was my Squad Leader in the Army and he was kind of in charge of me too!  We survived a deployment to Iraq with a mandatory professional relationship, another year hiding our relationship from the unit, another year of him deployed without me, and several more months apart before we finally got to move in together and leave the military stuff behind.  We now live in Tennessee and couldn't be happier!!
We have the cutest little pug.  She is spoiled rotten my her daddy every single day.  For some reason she now believes that her spot is right next to him on the couch, and has even been found in our bed.  She totally gets in trouble for that though!

When I was young, I got in trouble for two things all the time:  reading too much and doing art stuff instead of my homework!  Now I still have trouble doing homework instead of crafty stuff and artwork! The reading part is something I need to start doing again though.
I have always wanted to be an artist for a living.  I want to design things, make things, paint things, photograph things, and sell it all to make my living.  I always have said that I'd rather live under a bridge making my artwork then live in a huge mansion because I sit at a big desk in some corporate high rise.  I really am trying to make this a reality now.  To start with, I have this fun little blog, I'm going to school for Graphic Design, and hopefully in the near future I will be opening an etsy shop!!

Speaking my mind is something I do all the time.  Some people don't really care for that, and I apologize to them, but I refuse to change that about me.  If I have an opinion, I share it.  If I don't like something I will let you know.  I tried the whole discretion thing and that didn't work out very well.  I just ended up with a lot of hostility and anger that built up and finally exploded!

One thing that I WILL do before I die is either build my own home or completely renovate one.  I want to make it as unique as I am.  Each little spot in it is going to be personal and amazing in every way.  I have so many ideas - little ones and big ones- that I can't wait to put into place when we get our own home!!

I just love that you decided to stop in to my little corner of the blogging world.  I really hope you come by more often!  You're always welcome here!  If you want, feel free to send me a little note.  If you want to email me, I'm sure it will make me smile.  My email is