Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaye and ME!!!

It's my birthday today!  It is also my puppy's birthday today!  We are hanging out at home right now while the man is at work.  So far I have gotten a few crafty things done though!  We have plans tonight for dinner and a trip to Petco with puppy.  This whole week I have been getting little surprises in the mail.  The newest surprise came today....a "new" old camera.  He is an 8MM movie camera that still works.  Any ideas of where I can find some film for him?  He sure is handsome!  I'll leave you with a couple pictures:

My handsome new baby, Kodak Brownie 8MM movie camera!

My sweet little baby, Kayerayna Amor!
 Doesn't she look so happy on her birthday?!
 Ha - she doesn't like hats as much as I do.
So, I hope you all have a happy Monday!  Loves

Monday, December 06, 2010

Starting the Christmas Season and a little bit of birthday too!

I just love Christmas time.  Seeing all of the holiday lights makes me smile so much.  The way they twinkle brightens my days.  Last weekend, I had Mr. Fantastic drag out the decorations and we spent the evening putting up the tree.  It always feels so magical to me.  I love it when the house lights are off but the tree is lit up.  Such a pretty lighting!  This weekend, I got Mr. F up onn the rooftop to put up the outside lights.  I've always been a huge fan of white lights, but he really loves the colorful ones.  Since he also likes the icicle lights and I don't, we made a compromise - colorful one strand lights.  I actually kind of like it!  We have such a cute and cozy little place.  We are however, the only house on the street with lights up.  I feel as if we are in our own little world sometimes.  It feels so happy though!  I adore my man so much and love the life that we have.
In other news, my birthday is a week from today!  Yikes!  So, I'm not sure yet how I feel about it.  When I turned 24, I thought I was supposed to have it all figured out.  I didn't.  Then 25 came around and I felt like maybe it was okay that I had nothing figured out.  Yet another year has passed now, and life keeps passing by....somedays way too fast.  After next week, I'll be on the downward slope of my twenties.  Oh, my gosh, time is going entirely too quickly now. Anyhow, I got my first birthday presents in the mail today.  I called Grams as soon as I found the package that the man hid from me.  I opened it with her on the phone and was so overcome with joy and excitement, that I had tears and could hardly make sentences.  Inside of the box was an angel pin for my winter coat, a gorgeous vintage flower brooch that belonged to my great-grandmother, a beautiful necklace, and a new (old) camera!!  So, here are Christmas pictures, and some beginning birthday pictures:

Putting the tree together

Dakota trying to figure out why the bottom lights wouldn't work

Adding the pretties

Happy by the tree

The whole scene

Puppy is so confused!
Checking the lights before putting them up

The man on the roof - I would fall off!

I did help though!  I wrapped the poles

Outside all lit up!

The Christmas wreath I made as part of the Mix and Match Craft Challenge
My gaurdian Angel!

Great-grandma's Brooch

My necklace
The newest camera for my collection!

Alright, I have to go now.  I am sick with Bronchittus pretty bad.  I still went to work today (miserable), and we have a visiter tonight - Mike is in town! Plus, Our friend Eric is over - it's his birthday.  Lots going on.  I'll come back soon though.

Friday, December 03, 2010

A Year of the new me!

I wrote this post in January.  Throughout this year, I keep checking back on it as a way to keep my head straight.  Now that the year is coming to an end, I am going over it again to see where I succeeded this year and what I can work on next year.  I will be posting up a little something real soon to let you know just how I did this year with my goals and to let you know what I'm looking foreward to in the new year. 

Back in December, I had an overwhelmingly positive outlook for Twenty Ten. I couldn’t place my finger on what exactly caused this new positive attitude though. There were a couple things that might have been part of it….I had finished my application for The Art Institute, Dakota was on his way out of the Army, and I had plans to move away from my depressing job in my depressing little town that I live in. I just knew everything was going to be wonderful. I think I had the expectation that the ball in New York would drop and all of a sudden everything would be perfect in my little world. I must admit, it sounds completely ridiculous and irresponsible to believe in miracles like that.

So what exactly does make for a good start to a brand new year full of possibilities? I hate to admit it, but certainly sitting back and expecting something to just happen is probably not the way to start off. With that said, I need to give myself a swift kick in the butt! That is exactly what I have done with my first two weeks of this new month, this new year, this new decade. Ok, so maybe not exactly….

I have done a couple things that give me a few tally points of goodness. I have considered the "One Little Word” idea, I have considered who and what I want to be, I have taken pictures every single day, and I have ordered a book from So all this thought is somewhat getting me somewhere, but it is only at the thought stage; not the action stage, and it is two weeks into the year already. Two weeks, in the grand scheme of things, is not a very long time, however, if you consider that my thoughts revolve around action and just getting up, going out, and doing….two weeks is a long time to do nothing!

I started out with a list of about 22 words. I slowly began to cross words off the list as I thought more and more about them. I don’t want a word that has any negative possibilities. I don’t want a word that describes new in a way of new life, or starting from scratch. I am a girl in this little world, and at one time I always smiled. At one time I was energetic and positive and nothing could get me down. I miss that girl. Slowly I lost her in the darkness. I need to find her again. I need to find that passion for life again. Four words remain on the list: Alive, Awaken, Emerge, and Open. So….who says I have to narrow it down to ONE LITTE WORD? Who says that I have to follow that current trend and conform to what everyone else is up to? Why can’t I have four words that inspire me to find that girl again?

In a previous post, I mentioned my new favorite color. I love turquoise. I really have no idea how it is possible that I never knew turquoise before in this life. Perhaps it is possible that I knew turquoise in a past life? Maybe in a past life I was a rabbit that looked up into the sky everyday because it was beautiful color, and I knew that someday I would be something bigger and better. Whoa!!! Where did that come from? Ignore that last bit! However though, I even thought about choosing a color instead of a word. What does turquoise mean to me? It means everything to me that those four words mean to me. It describes the sense of me that I aspire to find again. It stirs up inside me the ambition to awaken from my slumber, to emerge from my cocoon, to be open to new possibilities and to be alive!

This year is the one! It is the year I find myself again. I will be me, and not someone else. I will choose to do instead of just simply be. I will surround myself in turquoise. (You are probably imagining me painting my entire house turquoise right now!) I do mean figuratively….I do mean the mental state of turquoise! I will embark on new journeys of discovery….

Now that I have completely lost all of your attention, I have a few lists to share with you:

1. Color of my year


2. Words for my Year





3. Goals for my Year


-Begin (and stick with) school

-Keep a planner/calendar

-Paint a sunflower

-Buy and use to learn a sewing machine

-Take at least 1 picture per day and document them all in a cute little way

-Be much more romantic

-Get and ride a bicycle whenever logical

-Make a scarf I’ve had my eye on (which includes learning how to knit better)

-Finish my military scrapbook and continue with up to date important albums

-At least 4 mini-albums

-Grow my hair to the middle of my back

-blog more often

-Smile every single day

-Take time to breath

Okay, now I am accountable! I have it here in writing. I have it set in stone. These are my goals. Goals are attainable. Goals can be reached. Never give up on your goals! I just know that I will be so much happier now that I have them out in the open. I will see them and reach them. I will use these goals as the stepping stones to successfully live with my color and four words of my year. I will be a better person for achieving them!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What am I thankful for?

During Thanksgiving week, I came up with seven things that I was thankful for.  Here is my list:

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #1  I am thankful for an amazing family that is full of unconditional love, for my man that stands by my side through the sunshine and the storms, and for my energetic puppy who puts a smile on my face each day!

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #2 I am thankful for my unreplaceable friends. You know who you are! Without you, life wouldn't be nearly as exciting!

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #3 I am thankfull for the creativity, artistic talent, and my intellence that God has given to me. They are gifts that I love to use; they are part of every day for me....and it feels amazing to have them.

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #4 I am thankful for my life. The places that I have been and the things that I have done, have shaped me into the person that I am. I have had the amazing opportunitites in life that many people never will and those opportunities have molded me! No regrets!

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #5 I am thankful for our adorable home! It is more than I ever imagined it would be: so cute, so big, in a great area, and with pretty little historical details. Love!

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #6 I am thankful for an awesome job. I never know who or what I will see at work. It can be so entertaining. It's people watching with a paycheck!!

A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #7 I am thankful for the simple pleasures. Believing in love, believing in magic, wishing upon lucky stars, and everything happening for a reason makes me smile! The small things each day add up to a big picture of awesomeness!

and just because:
A Week of Thanksgiving: Day #8 I am thankful for technology. It sounds strange maybe, but there are so many things that I can do with it. I love that I can use the internet to keep in touch with family and long distance friends, I love that I have met so many people full of inspiration, I love that I can learn about ...anything with just a few mouse clicks, and I love that I can watch movies and tv for entertainment.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cartwheels In My Mind

Have you heard about Cartwheels in My Mind?  I've talked about them before, but I just have to talk about them again because I love love love them!  It is a little online magazine of daily inspiration.  They have photos of the day, tons of DIYs and lots of featured artists.  They also feature not-for-profit bloggers all the time and do blog design.  Yeah, these ladies are full of great ideas.  Recently they did a little feedback comment giveaway.  They were looking to get some feedback on the site because it is still relatively new.  So, I thought I would give them some.  Tonight I was on the site (as I am every night!) and I was reading along and it started to sound like something I had wrote....oh dear it was!  I had forgotten all about the fact that they had a giveaway connected with the feedback comments.  So, needless to say, I am the super excited winner of some handmade scrappy stuff.  I could not be any more excited.  I love these ladies.  Here is my loot:
I can hardly wait for my happy mail to arrive.  I just started scrapping again after about 8 months so this is going to good use!  You should really check them out!  They are amazing!
In other news...
I am very sad today.  Dakota got me earrings for Christmas two years ago just before he left for Iraq.  I never take them out because I love them and it's also hard for me to wear anything but but real gold because my ears are sensitive.  Well, this morning I got in the shower and I realized that one of them was missing.  Somehow it had come out, and I don't know when it happened.  I had to get to work so I had him look for it today.  He looked all over the bedroom, all through the bed, in the clothes I wore yesterday, in my pj's on the floor....everywhere!  The earring is nowhere to be found.  I am so very very very sad.  I feel naked without them.  Keep me in your thoughts as the search continues.
Also, the new supplies are up for round 3 of the craft challenge I am involved with.  I have decided to sit this round out.  Sad face!  It wasn't posted until pretty late last night, I worked all day today, and I am severely exhausted.  I can't really make my brain work hard enough to figure out how to use wire, markers, and paint in one project before midnight tonight.  So, I will pick up with the next round.  I know it sounds bad, but oh man I';m tired!
I honestly do have an excuse for being so tired.  The VA in their infinite wisdom would not allow me to see an endocrinologist for my hypothyroid issues.  My primary doctor put me on synthroid and then when my levels shot up too high she took me off it completely.  That was nearly a month ago.  I can tell that my thyroid levels have dropped dramatically again.  I am way low right now and all of my symptoms are back super strong right now.  I'm having a really hard time with energy.  Because of the whole moving to Knoxville thing, I've not had the opportunity to get into a new doctor with the VA yet and get my levels checked.  Instead I just keep sinking lower.  It's been rough, but Mr. Fantastic has been really great and super supportive.  I couldn't ask for a better man!!  I'm trying and I will keep on trying to stay positive and hold my head up.  Bear with me please though.  Have a lovely week!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Scarf That Took Forever!

About a year and a half ago, I found a really cute scarf that I wanted so bad.  It was really pretty.  I found the pattern and it seemed easy enough so I tought myself to knit.  Well, after I got haf-way through my first practice scarf I kind of got tired of it because I just wasn't very good.  I had bought all the special yarns to knit the really pretty one though.  It required microfiber, ladder, ribbon, feather, and eyelash yarns.  I just tucked them away and swore that oneday I would make that scarf.  The yarn has haunted me ever since!  So a few weeks ago, I picked up my knitting 101 book, found the pattern again and got out the yarn!  The first little bit was rough, but I figured it out, and just kept going.  I finally finished it tonight!!  Woohoo!  So excited!  Here are the pictures:

It looks way harder than it is.  The fanciness comes from the different types of yarns, the unwoven ends for each sectin, and knitting with two yarns at once.  It's pretty easy though - just knit and pearl!  There are some adding and subtracting of stitches but its just so you end up with super big and loose stitches.  I may end up posting the pattern latter on if people are interested.  Let me know!
Have an awesome week friends!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mix N' Match Craft Challenge with Lauren from The Perfect Pair

Go vote on The Perfect Pear Mix N Match Challenge!  Here is a picture of my project.  The winner of the last round was the pretty snowflake.  Let me know if you like mine this time - it is a little unconventional!  The challenge today was to use fabric, ribbon, and a button!
Have a great night! Loves!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go Vote!!!

The first challenge is done and ready to be voted for in the Mix N Match Challenge.  Go check out the cute and amazing projects.  Mine is #1 - the flower and knit bracelet.  Vote if you wish!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MNM Challege Peak

Just a peak of what I designed for the challenge.  I used the three supplies listed:  paperclip, glitter, yarn!  More later.  To get in on it all, go check it out from my sidebar. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Before and After

So, I did it!  I colored my hair back to a darker shade.  Now mind you that you really should only go 2 shades darker or lighter than your hair color with each attempt.  I totally went way more shades than 2.  It seems a little ashy right now.  In some lighting, you can even see a deep olive greeen tone!  Yikes!  Considering everything that my hair has been through in the last few months, I must say that I am actually very happy with the results.  I plan on going for about a week or two and then maybe doing another layer of something a little deeper on top of it, just to get the brown to really sink in to that blond I had.  I think that should do it.  I'm not an expert though, so we'll see!

So, what do you think?  Does it pass for public eye? 
I am off to the studio to do some scrapbooking now.  Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kiel and Elsie!!

Today is a special day!  Today marks the birthdays of two different friends of mine.  First it is my friend Kiel's birthday.  Kiel is an amazing guy that I met while living in Nashville.  He is an Interior Design student at the Art Institute of Tennessee - Nashville!!!  His work is amazing and his dedication even more so.  I was really looking forward to working under him as he led the Interior Design (ASID) students as President.  (I would have been President-Elect, but had to step down from my position.)  Kiel is very smart, personable, and creative.  I miss spending time with him now that we have moved.  However, we still have date nights when I make the trip to Nashville.  We go out as a group to Cracker Barrel and have lots of fun catching up.  I wish Kiel would visit Knoxville so can can have fun here as well!
Secondly, it is Miss Elsie's Birthday.  Elsie, is a blog friend....well, I follow her blog!  Today LA from Freckled Nest, hacked Elsie's blog for a birthday post.  I left the following message for her myself:

Your blog was my first saved favorite on my new computer in June! You are talented, loyal, dedicated, inspiring, gorgeous, and amazingly kind! I love that you are proof that dreams can come true. You give me the courage each day to know that if I work hard, I really will succeed. I cannot give up, and you are the encouragement I daily dose of "you can do it!" Thanks Elsie, for everything that you do, you talented Diva! I hope that your birthday is every bit as amazing as you are!

So, Happy Birthday to two special people.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kyle Durrie Letterpress on the go

I found this little video on the Renegade blog. I'm telling you, this idea is amazing!!!!  Kyle Durrie is amazing and you really need to check out her idea of a moving print shop that tours the country and teaches people about the beautiful craft of letterpress.  She has her project idea posted at the largest funding platform in the world for creative projects, kickstarted site.  Please visit her, support her with a donation if you can, and promote her on your blogs if you wish!  I am in love with this idea.


Back to Basics

I have been blond for about 3 months now and I love it!  The first time I went into the salon, we were able to get it to a warm shade of blond and the second time, we were able to get it to a more natural blond.  It is still not as platnum as I wish it could be, so another trip is needed.  The sad side of all of this is that it is very pricey!  Every 6 weeks I have to go get it fixed up.  Really, it needs a fix after about 4 weeks though.  I take a lot of vitamins so my hair grows really fast!  After some consideration, I have decided that at this time in life, there are more important things for me to be spending my small amount of money on.  I have decided that being blond is just not good for me....right now!  So, in the next couple days, I have decided to return to the dark side.  I'm going back to the basics of my natural hair color.  At least this way, I don't look like I'm lazy and dirty.  Dark hair looks great on me anyways when I am so fair from lacking sunshine and a tan.  Here is an old photo of me with dark hair:

I loved that haircut too, but I am really trying hard to grow out my hair.  Short hair requires a lot of work on my part because the texture of my hair is so weird.  I have thicker hair than you could ever imagine, but it is also very fine and wild!  If I don't spend a half hour on it, I look terrible.  Plus, I can't pull it up in a pony tail.  Right now life is about to get really busy, so my time needs to be devoted to doing other things rather than my hair.  Someday though!!  I'll post a picture when I change colors!
Have a wonderful night!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chronicle Books Giveaway AKA MY BOOK WISHLIST!!!!!!!!! hint hint**

the holidays are around the corner!!! and chronicle books is hosting the bestest giveaway! the steps are easy.

1. make a list of chronicle books valued at up to $500 that you love and would like to win
2. post the list to your blog and you'll be entered to win your list of books! AND, one of your readers who comments on the post will also win your list of books too!!! the last day to submit is december 10th.

So....without anything further, my Reading Wishlist!!
Feel free to get me any of the following books just in case I don't win, and in the case that I do, I will give you a copy of the book that you give me!  hahaha!!  love it:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mix N' Match Craft Challenge with Lauren from The Perfect Pair

Oh man, I am so excited right now! I just signed up for the mix n match month long challenge with Lauren from The Perfect Pear. Every three days she will give us three things and we have to create something with them. There will be voting, and points, and a winner in the end! I can't wait! This will be my first crafty challenge of sorts. Go visit Lauren on her blog and play along with us. This is going to be awesome!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

A Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to, and including, their life. Regardless of personal political views, that is an honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact.
Sometimes I look back on my time in the Army and miss it, while other times I look back on it and I am glad it is over.  That time in my life was one that I will never regret or wish to change.  Some days were the hardest days I will ever live through, while other days were a breeze.  I will always remember all of the people that I met through the service, some that I served with and others that I did not.  The events that I went through will never be forgotten. 
Today is a day of Thanksgiving.  I extend my gratitude to all of my brothers and sisters that served before me, along side me, and after me.  I am grateful to those that I served with.  These people may not be related, but they are brothers and sisters of mine that I will never forget. 
I am proud to have served this country.  I am proud to have been a part of something so big and so great.  I am proud of it all.
Today is also a day of honoring; it is a day of honoring the soldiers that gave their lives for this country.  Today is a day to honor the families that have endured that ultimate sacrifice.  I want to take this time to express my humble sorrows to the families of our deceased soldiers.  Although I have lost friends to the tragedies of war, I have not lost a family member.  I cannot ever possibly imagine the pain that the families have endured.  Please know though, that the lives of these soldiers will never be forgotten, never be forsaken.  Know that they are true heroes.
Thank you friends, family, and strangers.  Your ongoing support is highly valued.
Yes, I support the troops!
I got sick of the dirt and colorless days in Iraq so I "planted" fake flowers outside my chu!

The friends while I was in and still

Thomas was my brother.  I miss him.

My sweetheart and I

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Mummsie!

Not only is it Halloween, but it is also my mother's birthday....
For her birthday, I thought I would tell you a little about this amazing woman....
My mummsie is my bestest girlfriend.  She is beautiful!  She is strong despite having gone through hell.  She is wise beyond her years.  My mother hen is loving toward everyone.  She has the pure heart of a child.  No matter the negatives in life, mum always finds the rainbows after the rain.  She is a mother to five wonderful kids....well, even though some of us are kind of grownups now.  She is a grandmother to 2 adorable twin boys.  She reads and listen to pretty music and crafts like crazy.  You should see some of the wonderful things she makes.  She even loves scrap booking.  Mom is the first one into the water at the cottage on the lake, the first one to suggest s'mores, the first one to laugh!  She is smart and kind; hilarious, and full of energy; curious and loyal.  My mother is incredible.
Sometimes I look back in life and am sad.  Life worked out in a strange way for us.  We didn't really have much of a relationship until I was older.  I didn't really know her very well at all.  It was never her fault, or any ones fault for that matter.  However, finally, after I graduated high school, I finally really got to know my mom.  Ever since, we have been best friends.  I I wish maybe we could have had that sooner, but then I realize that wishing for things to have been different is silly....I must simply be grateful for the way that they are now.  The way that they are now is amazing.  We have the best relationship ever.  Although we still don't get to see each other very often, we make it a point to talk on the phone all the time.  Some days we talk 2 or 3 times!  And I love that.  I can tell my mother anything.  I can share things with her no matter what.  She supports my every choice and always tells me that she knows that I will make the best choices and become the best person that I can.  She believes in me more than anyone that I know.  She calls me just to sing songs to me about sunshine....she is my sunshine!  She is my mummsie, my mother hen, my ma, my mum, my mom, my mother, my best friend.  she is amazing.  I lover her so so so much!  Happy Birthday Mom! 
And Happy Halloween to everyone too!

We carved pumpkins last night.  I carved a cute little owl into my huge pumpkin simply because I cannot get enough of cute little owls lately.  Mr. Fantastic made a sly little face on his with crazy teeth.  On Kaye's pumpkin, I carved a pug face.  It is so cute and even has it's tongue sticking out like Kaye's.  We set them out and lit them up.
Tonight we turned on the porch light, but we weren't really sure if we would get and trick-or-treaters.  Surprise surprise!  We did!  We handed out twizlers....but ran out quick.  I had to turn out the porch light and shut the door.  I was sad.  What made me even more sad was when the doorbell rang, and I opened the door to find an adorable little 2, maybe 3 year old girl standing there in her best dress holding her treat bag.  She said, "tickin' teet" and I had to tell her that I ran out of treats.  I wanted to cry.  She walked away sad.  Note to self:  Next year - get lots of candy AND decorations for the porch. 
Well, I hope that your week is fantastic.  Can you believe that is is November already?  I sure can't it's been such a great year so far though!  Enjoy the new month, and for those of you that celebrate it, have a fantastic All Saints' Day tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Halloween is one of my "must celebrate" holidays.  I love it so much for all the kid-at-heart fun.  If nothing else, I at least have to carve a pumpkin, so I have been bugging Mr. Fantastic for weeks about getting our pumpkins.  Yesterday, he finally gave in during a break in playing the new Rock Band 3 that came out yesterday.  We drove about 13 minutes to a little church that sells the pumpkins for charity.  I searched the aisles of pumpkins, but I just didn't see one.  Mr. F was being impatient...he doesn't quite understand my excitement about pumpkins!  He asked what about this one, what about that one?  They had big ones, little ones, skinny ones, fat ones.... and then I spotted one.  I exclaimed there it is!  That is the one....only to find that it had no stem and it was not ok with me.  I searched back over them again walking from side to side, and scanning each one.  Then I saw one that I had somehow missed - the perfect pumpkin for me!  It is fat and lop-sided, and perfect!  I love it.  After a little nagging and sadness on my part, I finally convinced him to get into the spirit and pick one out for himself.  Meanwhile, I was on the hunt for one for puppy.  They had black pumpkins and green pumpkins; warty pumpkins and squashy ones too.  He found one....a small one.  I found a greenish black one and we called it a day.  We brought our little pumpkin family hoe and they are sitting on the front porch waiting to be carved on Saturday!  I can't wait.  Here are some pictures
seriously taking pictures of this?

Taking my pumpkin for a ride to pick up the other two

I love Halloween!

I just want a little one

Do I have to get one for real?

Our friend came to witness the shenanigans and laughed the whole time

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Living Room

We have lived in our new house for a week and a half now.  The whole time I have been working hard on making it beautiful.  I would really love to show you pictures, so I will start with the living room.  I really hope you think it is as amazing as we do

The white picture frames still need pictures of us, but for now we are enjoying photos of strangers!

Can you see the old senior picture of my mother on the mirror?  She is absolutely gorgeous! 

Looking in from the hallway....toward the front door.  I still need to finish the chandelier in the back corner between the windows.

looking toward the hallway.

Wow Wall #1.  Some pretty treasures including thrifty finds.

Another shot of that one.

Wow Wall #2.  Do you like the tree growing up our wall?  Can you see the little bird sitting on top of the doorway?  Love him!

I painted this with chalkboard paint.  We need to get some chalk for it still though!

Gotta have a place for my keys so that I won't loose them....I will still loose them anyways!

I made this one out of a string of lanterns.  Kind of fun I think!

Wow Wall #3.  I love picture frames that don't frame anything! 

The futon!  I made the quilt out of upholstry samples, then I turned the quilt into a duvet for the futon cusion.  Still need to paint the frame white though.  We are also in the process of looking for an old door to put over the existing coffee table!!!

Looking into the bedroom areas.

I just love this adorable animal bunting that I made with my cricuut cartride "give a hoot"

beautiful fireplace!!

The sock monkey is actually a dog toy that we found.  I love him though!

Ebay is the best.  I found that italian marble table forever ago and just gave it a facelift.

Ta-Da!!!  I love it!  Do you love it too?
Have a wonderful evening....more to come another day.  Next up, the hallways!