Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to Basics

I have been blond for about 3 months now and I love it!  The first time I went into the salon, we were able to get it to a warm shade of blond and the second time, we were able to get it to a more natural blond.  It is still not as platnum as I wish it could be, so another trip is needed.  The sad side of all of this is that it is very pricey!  Every 6 weeks I have to go get it fixed up.  Really, it needs a fix after about 4 weeks though.  I take a lot of vitamins so my hair grows really fast!  After some consideration, I have decided that at this time in life, there are more important things for me to be spending my small amount of money on.  I have decided that being blond is just not good for me....right now!  So, in the next couple days, I have decided to return to the dark side.  I'm going back to the basics of my natural hair color.  At least this way, I don't look like I'm lazy and dirty.  Dark hair looks great on me anyways when I am so fair from lacking sunshine and a tan.  Here is an old photo of me with dark hair:

I loved that haircut too, but I am really trying hard to grow out my hair.  Short hair requires a lot of work on my part because the texture of my hair is so weird.  I have thicker hair than you could ever imagine, but it is also very fine and wild!  If I don't spend a half hour on it, I look terrible.  Plus, I can't pull it up in a pony tail.  Right now life is about to get really busy, so my time needs to be devoted to doing other things rather than my hair.  Someday though!!  I'll post a picture when I change colors!
Have a wonderful night!

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