Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wedding Ideas That Get Me Excited!!

With all the new things going on in our life, a wedding is just one of the things we are looking forward to.  Although I don't have a diamond on my finger yet, we are hoping that it will be official once we get settled into Utah.  I never really got excited like most girls and planned my dream wedding when I was a little girl.  But, all of a sudden, the love bug has bitten, and I'm googly-eyed over all kinds of sweet things!  Take a peak!
Simple and Sweet Baby's Breath in Mason Jars

Bright Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses!

Ribbon-backed chairs for the wedding party

A garland of yellow white and grey circles

I love cotton tails as aisle decorations

Easy to make Feather boutonnieres

Felt Flower boutonnieres

Guests Get your button on!

Handmade flower everythings!


Love the exciting wording of this invite

Lacy envelopes

Lovely Cakes!

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  1. These are lovely ideas! I especially like the ribbon back chairs and the simple ideas such as baby's breath and cotton tails


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