Thursday, July 07, 2011

Collage Fun

So, you may already know this (or not), but I am participating in the Sketchbook Project.  This is a fantastic way for artists to get their name out there.  Basically, what you do is purchase a sketchbook from the project, fill it up, send it back, and it goes on tour to different cities and countries, then it is kept forever for people to look at.  I just love the idea, but I'm having a little trouble getting started with it.  I've been looking at all kinds of sketchbook and art journal photos to get some inspiration.  I still have plenty of time, but goodness I need to hurry up and make my first mark in it already.  That first mark on a pure page is always the toughest.  Are any of you participating in the project?  Are any of you working on your own sketchbook project?
Life Can Be Understood Only Backwards!

Amuse Yourself!

Pretty pages

And more pretty pages

A cute and clever illustration

Collage is so beautiful!

Pretty colors and lots of mediums here!

And Just for kicks, I had to add this yellow collage!!!

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