Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Babies On The Brain

I never wanted to have kids when I was growing up.  I swore up and down that kids were not for me.  I was too selfish, too spontaneous, too eager to do what I want to do when I want to do it, and altogether plain out scared to ever be responsible for another life.  It's crazy that things can turn around 180 degrees.  After my nephews were born, I got baby fever.  Now I look at children all the time, and think about having our own.  No longer do I shake my head and get annoyed with little ones.  So, just one more thing that we have actually started talking about having in our future.  Here are some lovely kid-themed pictures for you to enjoy!
Crib in a closet

Bumble bees on the wall - cute for a playroom

I want a ferris wheel in my bedroom!

Pretty lanterns hanging from the ceiling

Paper Clouds on the wall

Other Paper cutouts on the wall

Pretty little space

Detailed Baby Crowns

Embroidery Hoops Hanging from the ceilings

Tree Stump/Fairy house table cover

Teepee Tent

Itty-Bitty Photo Gallery

Toad-stoles, A swing, and a bunk-bed fort.  Say no more!

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