Thursday, July 07, 2011

That's All Folks! And a Utah update!!!

Well, my lovely friends, I sure do hope that you enjoyed all the pretty things I shared with you over the last day.  I hope that maybe you even found some new places to visit.  I sure had a lot of fun finding all of the pretty things, and wow was it crazy to get them all together in one place so that I could share them with all of you.  I'll have to do that more often!
So, in other news:  Today we got the official phone call to tell us that Dakota has the job!  We knew he would, but there is always that question in the back of your head until you hear for sure.  So, yup, we have a week to get ready.  Next week. fingers crossed, the movers will be here to pack up our home.  Super sad face!  I adore our cute little bungalow here in this amazing city of Knoxville.  Knoxville is by far one of my favorite places to live.  If you ever get the chance, please take it.  You will not regret it! 
After next week, we will be off on a two week road trip with a few extra stops.  Here's a look at our planned route:
We plan to stop in Traverse City for a couple days to visit with my family again, drop off my car, and pick up my little sister so that she can come along for the fun!  Then we are heading up through the U.P. and into Wisconson to visit Mr. Fantastic's Dad side of the family.  After 5 or so days there, we will hit the road again to visit his mom's side of the family in south Dakota.  When we leave there, our final leg of the journey will be to the Salt Lake City area where we hope to buy our new home really soon! 
As if all that wasn't enough of a journey, I'll leave Mr. Fantastic behind around mid-August to fly back to Michigan with my sister, pick up my car, drive back to Knoxville, go to a very important doctor appointment to see if I might have a tumor or a cyst in my head that is causing the phantom noise in my ear, then drive all the way to Utah by myself!!!
The first trip will be 1 day and 21 hours of total drive time.  We don't have our flight reserved yet, so I'm not sure how long that flight will take, but total drive time for the last trip is about 1 day and 18 hours!  Oh, man!  I'm going to be so tired of driving!  anyone want to drive for me?!?!  The things we do on our way up the happy ladder! 
Well, I'm off for now to get going on some much needed organizing!  Wish me luck.  I will check in over the next few days to let you know what our status is.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Suggestion for booking the flight, check out They saved us about $200 round trip for a cross-country flight!

    You've been posting like crazy, I can barely keep up! :)


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