Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Glimps of Epic Proportions!

So far the epic summer trip has been fantastic!  We are having such a great time visiting with all of our family and friends before settling down in Utah.  I've done a ton of stuff.  In Michigan I did a lot of relaxing while visiting my family.  My nephews have gotten huge!  I also got to help at my mom's with some lawn beautification projects, took updated pictures of the house boat gramps is building, floated around on my dad's pond, and just enjoyed my time there.  Then, my little sis and I headed to Wisconsin.  She drove for a majority of the trip because she just got her permit and has to drive for 50 hours before she can get her license.  That was nice for me because I got back to work on my sweater I started crocheting but stopped working on 5 months ago!
In Wisconsin, we ate fresh cheese, had lots of good food, and did a lot of visiting with Mr. Fantastic's family fro his dad's side.  Even though I have been there a few times, there were still new people to meet.  The one thing I really love doing there is playing card games.  His aunts are so competitive - it's hilarious! 
The next leg of our trip was pretty exciting even while we drove.  Well, while Tiff drove!  We stopped at the world's only corn palace, and at Wall Drug - a huge tourist trap!  We got into South Dakota pretty late, so we went almost straight to bed, but the very next day we got up and started the tourist thing for my little sister.  We went to Mount Rushmore, Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, Custer State Forest, the Needles Highway, and a drive through Keystone.  The next day, we went to Reptile Gardens which was really cool.  Yesterday was the hardest day - we climbed a mountain!  Harney Peak is a 6 mile round trip hike and is a net incline of 1000 ft.  That was a tough climb and my legs were jello when we got to the top.  It took 2 1/2 hours to climb up and 1 3/4 hours to climb back down.  The views were amazing!  Today was a day of resting and family. 
We still have a few more people to see and things to do before we leave on Saturday morning.  Then we have another long drive to Utah!  Thank goodness for little sisters that are still excited about driving!  I am pretty much over the whole driving thing!  So that's our trip so far.  More to come on that later!

Now, for some exciting news....I'm pretty sure I already told you that Mr. Fantastic officially got his position, but I just found out today that I have officially got my offer!  WoooHooo!  I'm so excited!  All the crazy ups and downs in life have really lead up to this great point in our lives.  We are truly blessed!  I can't wait to start our life in Utah.  It's gonna be perfectly epic!! 
So, here are a few pictures of the trip - mostly just a sneak peak.  I will show more later.

More to come later.  Have a wonderful weekend!  (We are going to start looking at houses on Sunday so wish us luck!!)

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  1. Congratulations, and good luck / have fun house shopping! :D


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