Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Glimps of Epic Proportions!

So far the epic summer trip has been fantastic!  We are having such a great time visiting with all of our family and friends before settling down in Utah.  I've done a ton of stuff.  In Michigan I did a lot of relaxing while visiting my family.  My nephews have gotten huge!  I also got to help at my mom's with some lawn beautification projects, took updated pictures of the house boat gramps is building, floated around on my dad's pond, and just enjoyed my time there.  Then, my little sis and I headed to Wisconsin.  She drove for a majority of the trip because she just got her permit and has to drive for 50 hours before she can get her license.  That was nice for me because I got back to work on my sweater I started crocheting but stopped working on 5 months ago!
In Wisconsin, we ate fresh cheese, had lots of good food, and did a lot of visiting with Mr. Fantastic's family fro his dad's side.  Even though I have been there a few times, there were still new people to meet.  The one thing I really love doing there is playing card games.  His aunts are so competitive - it's hilarious! 
The next leg of our trip was pretty exciting even while we drove.  Well, while Tiff drove!  We stopped at the world's only corn palace, and at Wall Drug - a huge tourist trap!  We got into South Dakota pretty late, so we went almost straight to bed, but the very next day we got up and started the tourist thing for my little sister.  We went to Mount Rushmore, Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, Custer State Forest, the Needles Highway, and a drive through Keystone.  The next day, we went to Reptile Gardens which was really cool.  Yesterday was the hardest day - we climbed a mountain!  Harney Peak is a 6 mile round trip hike and is a net incline of 1000 ft.  That was a tough climb and my legs were jello when we got to the top.  It took 2 1/2 hours to climb up and 1 3/4 hours to climb back down.  The views were amazing!  Today was a day of resting and family. 
We still have a few more people to see and things to do before we leave on Saturday morning.  Then we have another long drive to Utah!  Thank goodness for little sisters that are still excited about driving!  I am pretty much over the whole driving thing!  So that's our trip so far.  More to come on that later!

Now, for some exciting news....I'm pretty sure I already told you that Mr. Fantastic officially got his position, but I just found out today that I have officially got my offer!  WoooHooo!  I'm so excited!  All the crazy ups and downs in life have really lead up to this great point in our lives.  We are truly blessed!  I can't wait to start our life in Utah.  It's gonna be perfectly epic!! 
So, here are a few pictures of the trip - mostly just a sneak peak.  I will show more later.

More to come later.  Have a wonderful weekend!  (We are going to start looking at houses on Sunday so wish us luck!!)

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. How To be a Great Companion

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Things to do on a Rainy Day

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The giveaway Loot!

I promised to post up the pretties that I sent off to Steph last week for winning my 200 item/post giveaway.  So, without further delay, here are the pictures of all her fun prizes:
The very first painting I ever did on canvas!

Rubber stamps, buttons, iron-ons, humungous paperclips, an ring, and some handmade fabric flowers.

Scrapbooking how-to books, magnets, tags, a bracelet, and a pretty box of stationary

Fun scrapbook supplies

Embroidery string (great for friendship bracelets)

Necklaces, Fabric, a paper banner, and stickers.  The blue and clear necklace was one I made and wore for my first Prom

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. 10 Things I Need/Want to Let Go of

Have a terrific start to your week.  We will be very busy continuing to get things in order for the huge move!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

That's All Folks! And a Utah update!!!

Well, my lovely friends, I sure do hope that you enjoyed all the pretty things I shared with you over the last day.  I hope that maybe you even found some new places to visit.  I sure had a lot of fun finding all of the pretty things, and wow was it crazy to get them all together in one place so that I could share them with all of you.  I'll have to do that more often!
So, in other news:  Today we got the official phone call to tell us that Dakota has the job!  We knew he would, but there is always that question in the back of your head until you hear for sure.  So, yup, we have a week to get ready.  Next week. fingers crossed, the movers will be here to pack up our home.  Super sad face!  I adore our cute little bungalow here in this amazing city of Knoxville.  Knoxville is by far one of my favorite places to live.  If you ever get the chance, please take it.  You will not regret it! 
After next week, we will be off on a two week road trip with a few extra stops.  Here's a look at our planned route:
We plan to stop in Traverse City for a couple days to visit with my family again, drop off my car, and pick up my little sister so that she can come along for the fun!  Then we are heading up through the U.P. and into Wisconson to visit Mr. Fantastic's Dad side of the family.  After 5 or so days there, we will hit the road again to visit his mom's side of the family in south Dakota.  When we leave there, our final leg of the journey will be to the Salt Lake City area where we hope to buy our new home really soon! 
As if all that wasn't enough of a journey, I'll leave Mr. Fantastic behind around mid-August to fly back to Michigan with my sister, pick up my car, drive back to Knoxville, go to a very important doctor appointment to see if I might have a tumor or a cyst in my head that is causing the phantom noise in my ear, then drive all the way to Utah by myself!!!
The first trip will be 1 day and 21 hours of total drive time.  We don't have our flight reserved yet, so I'm not sure how long that flight will take, but total drive time for the last trip is about 1 day and 18 hours!  Oh, man!  I'm going to be so tired of driving!  anyone want to drive for me?!?!  The things we do on our way up the happy ladder! 
Well, I'm off for now to get going on some much needed organizing!  Wish me luck.  I will check in over the next few days to let you know what our status is.  Have a great weekend!

Pretty Interior Spaces [Other Painted Things]

This is my last interior spaces post for this little party.  I know, sad face!  You can be sure that I will do many more interior spaces posts in the upcoming months as we move out to Utah, buy a home of our own, and start to decorate it and make it our own.  I can't wait!  I absolutely love painted walls - and by that, I do not mean various shades of eggshell!  I want color, people!!!  Mr. Fantastic doesn't like when I paint rental houses though because he ends up having to help repaint them when I move out, and by help, I do mean that he ends up doing the majority of the work!  Such a good sport he is!  Looking at these pictures here, doesn't it make you want to paint your walls?  Do you have any ideas for pretty paintings? 
Black Bedrooms

Pretty Doodles on cement floors

Lime Living Rooms

Painted Floors to Welcome Guests

Lace Flower Floors

Green Craft Room Ceilings

I am obsessed with needing to have stairs that I can paint so pretty!

These steps are pretty, too!

I love that these "we do" rules are painted right on the wall!  I want!!

Collage Fun

So, you may already know this (or not), but I am participating in the Sketchbook Project.  This is a fantastic way for artists to get their name out there.  Basically, what you do is purchase a sketchbook from the project, fill it up, send it back, and it goes on tour to different cities and countries, then it is kept forever for people to look at.  I just love the idea, but I'm having a little trouble getting started with it.  I've been looking at all kinds of sketchbook and art journal photos to get some inspiration.  I still have plenty of time, but goodness I need to hurry up and make my first mark in it already.  That first mark on a pure page is always the toughest.  Are any of you participating in the project?  Are any of you working on your own sketchbook project?
Life Can Be Understood Only Backwards!

Amuse Yourself!

Pretty pages

And more pretty pages

A cute and clever illustration

Collage is so beautiful!

Pretty colors and lots of mediums here!

And Just for kicks, I had to add this yellow collage!!!

Babies on the Brain & Pretty Interior Spaces [Trees on Walls]

Here is a baby inspiration group that needs a category of it's own!  I adore painted trees on walls.  It brings the peaceful outdoors inside.  How pretty are these trees?
Cartoon Trees With Pretty bright birds.

Similar trees with a different touch

For a baby girl...I love these colors!

And for a boys room this color combo is grand!

This freehand tree is super elegant.  Love!!