Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our New Home - Building, Moving and Starting to Decorate

Alright, alright, alright!  I think I have held off long enough on a post about our new home.  Let me tell you a little bit about it, and then I will share some pictures...ok, a lot of pictures!  When my younger sister was down visiting, her and I must have looked at a million houses and each one just had little things we didn't like.  A huge issue we kept running into was houses that smelled like pets or had problems from their last owners.  One day we decided that we just really wanted to look at a home that was still being built.  The home we had chosen was in the drywall stages and already was being planned as a model home so it had many upgrades planned for it.  When little me and I looked at it, we loved it!  The floor plan was huge and spacious, it had an upstairs, and was in a cute new neighborhood.  We decided to bring Mr Fantastic to take a look.  He took a look and said ok without even looking at the other similar model homes that were finished!  so the next day we started the paperwork and went to pick out a few things that were not already set in stone.  We decided to upgrade to granite countertops in the kithen and Marble counters in the bathrooms.  In the end, we did have them move the kitchen island out 18 inches and put down a little more of the "wood" flooring.  We are so happy that we made these changes.
Move in day was pretty easy because the moving company did most of the hard work.  They did all the heavy lifting!  All we really have to do is unpack the boxes.  Easy enough, right?  Yeah, well, it's a month later and we are still unpacking, and painting, and decorating!
So now comes the fun part.  We really like color and pattern and all that jazz, so we have been working super hard on getting it the way we want it.  The pictures below are some from the finishing stages, the moving stage, and then the beginning of the decorating phase.  I hope you enjoy!

getting ready for siding

starting to look pretty

picking out flooring and granite
the great room

getting a window seat

getting the kitchen cabinets in
deciding on a backsplash
paint colors for the living room
bathroom vanity

the entry
starting to get the flooring down
the outside is complete

bathroom colors

things i found for the living room
move in day
dinning room colors
picking out cabinet handles
do the boxes ever end?
a full garage!
the crafting studio
getting the fridge

brown for the family room
Getting the stripes started in the family room

putting on the finishing color - turquoise!

yellow in the laundry room

gray in the master bath

my first attept at the master bedroom walls

the stencil just did not meet where it needed to so....

I switched it up and tried again!
Here is what I have so far!

Mr Fantastic picked this out for me and put it together!

The rest of the bedroom furniture

and our new bed!

 Alright, I promise to put more pictures up really soon!  since it is Friday for me, I hope your weekend rocks! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Ten Things I Love About Sundays

List 18

1.  Sleeping in
2.  Football
3.  Big dinners
4.  Staying in my pajamas all day long
5.  Talking to my Grams and Gramps on the phone
6.  Catching up on my blogs
7.  Making pretty things
8.  Nobody goes out around here (so if I need to run errands, it's quick and painless)
9.  It's not Monday!!
10.  Cuddle time with Mr. Fantastic

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Me in a List

Yup, Yup, I've Caught Up!!!!

-My nail polish is always chipping or missing on half of my nails.
-I was a cheerleader in highschool and a couple years later I joined the Army
-I've changed my major 8 times!
-I had corrective eye surgery so I could go to flight school, then I never went to flight school and often regret   getting the surgery now
-I have a fish allergy, but only sometimes!
-Worst procrastinator ever...right HERE!
-I take at least a short nap every day
-I used to get grounded because I would get caught reading too much (like all the time)
-I can't do dishes the old fashioned way.  It makes me so sick that I gag and gag and gag
-Oh, btw, I have OCD (but not the cleaning kind you always hear about - I am the repetition, counting, and balance kind)
-As I type this I am trying to decide if I should go to Afghanistan

Sunday, October 16, 2011

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Ways To Stay Creative and Inspired

List 17
Going to Hobby Lobby
Trying new things
Meet New People
Take a class
Read Blogs
Watch Creative Shows
Take Notes
Keep a Journal
Imagine different ways you could create something that someone already has

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. Things I am obsessed with (as of late)

So, In lieu of being way far behind on my lists, I have decided that I must/need/have to/will catch up and quick.  I hope you don't mind that my lists won't be all pretty or anything; I'm just typing out my basic lists for now.  (Of course I will go back later and create them in a pretty way so that they will look great in my book)  So, here goes with week 15 first:

Painting (our house)
Shopping (for our house)
My pretty new car (I call her my Blueberry!)
Sons of Anarchy
My new Droid Bionic
My new job
Nail polish
Martha Stewart Living radio on Sirius Radio
The Voice (more specifically their song - Blame it on my A.D.D)

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. My Life to do List (To be Completed Within the Near Future)

List 16

Finish Unpacking
Finish Painting
Plan a Housewarming Party
Buy a Dehydrator
Start School
Finish our Landscapping
Loose a bit of weight
Start Holiday Shopping 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Moving is busy!

Hello all!  I know I have been totally missing lately.  Here is a brief explanation:  My car died completely, we finally got into our new home, we've been painting and shopping and unpacking and trying to get internet! Yeah, so far all I have is internet on my phone.  I owe you about three weeks worth of 52 Lists. 52 Weeks.  I owe you three book reviews.  I owe you a new car post.  I owe you a moving in post.  I owe you a loving my new job post.  I owe you a couple fashion posts.  I owe you a pinterest post.  I owe you a paint picking post. I owe you a raw diet and gluten free diet post.  Most of all I owe you a giveaway post!!!!  So please please please be patient with me, don't give up on me, don't walk away thinking I've stopped blogging.  I will return soon.  I will give you all of these posts and more!  I PROMISE!!!!  If you would, please just give me a couple weeks and by then I should at least have internet fully functioning and hopefully a lot of the house stuff done so that I have lots more time to blog.  Miss you guys!