Sunday, October 02, 2011

Moving is busy!

Hello all!  I know I have been totally missing lately.  Here is a brief explanation:  My car died completely, we finally got into our new home, we've been painting and shopping and unpacking and trying to get internet! Yeah, so far all I have is internet on my phone.  I owe you about three weeks worth of 52 Lists. 52 Weeks.  I owe you three book reviews.  I owe you a new car post.  I owe you a moving in post.  I owe you a loving my new job post.  I owe you a couple fashion posts.  I owe you a pinterest post.  I owe you a paint picking post. I owe you a raw diet and gluten free diet post.  Most of all I owe you a giveaway post!!!!  So please please please be patient with me, don't give up on me, don't walk away thinking I've stopped blogging.  I will return soon.  I will give you all of these posts and more!  I PROMISE!!!!  If you would, please just give me a couple weeks and by then I should at least have internet fully functioning and hopefully a lot of the house stuff done so that I have lots more time to blog.  Miss you guys!

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