Thursday, June 30, 2011

My art is just as fine as your art.

I have been daydreaming about tattoos lately.  Did you know that I have several?  I absolutely love the ones that I have and I also really want even more of them.  I don't believe that I have ever formally showed them off to you, so I decided that I would do just that today.

So, now that you see what I have, I will share with you some very pretty tattoos that I have found.  What I really want is a quote tattoo for my left ribs.  I also really want a half sleeve on my left arm.  We shall see.  We shall see!  I guess it's kind of my goal to loose weight first.  Once I get to 180lbs, I am getting a tattoo.  When I hit 170lbs, I will get another.  Those are some big goals for me.  So far this year, I have lost and gained and lost and gained.  My highest weight was 222lbs. and my lowest is right now at 207lbs.  This new incentive is helping I think!!  So, anyways, here are some pretty ideas (click on photo for source):

So there you have some pretty things to look at today.  I hope you liked them.  Oh, and I'm sorry about the poor quality in my pictures, but I only have my camera phone and myself right now.  For some reason I have misplaced my other camera with the self-timer.  Oie!!
The week is almost over!!  Enjoy the rest of it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard Things.

Sometimes in the middle of wonderful, I feel pretty lousy.  When I feel this way, I get so mad at myself and that makes me feel even lousier.  Sometimes everything in life is working out just wonderfully.  I get so excited and anxious though.  Then all of a sudden, I crash.  I feel like doing nothing but sleeping away the day and the night.  I look at all the things I need to do, and I just sit down instead....or lay down and fall asleep.  Right now I have about a thousand projects saved in my to do files, I've got art supplies out the wazzoo, and I have nothing but time on my hands.  Yet, I can't do anything.  I feel bored, anxious, lonely, sad, lazy, and dull.  I have sat around most of the day trying to come up with ways to keep myself occupied...well, keep my mind occupied, just so that I won't have time to sleep or to cry.  Why can't I get out my supplies instead and start crafting?  Why can't I get out my nail polish and paint my nails happy colors?  Why can't I clean the house?  Why can't I read a book?  Why can't I bake some bread?  Why why why?  I don't know.  I really wish I did.  Instead I just sit here and watch the clock move backwards.  Yuck! 
Mr. Fantastic is on his way home from Utah right now.  He has had nothing but delay after delay this whole trip and it is frustrating.  I wish he would just hurry up and get here so that I can curl up next to him and feel better.  Here's to a better tomorrow!

Moving to Utah?!!!

Remember THIS POST when I talked about everything happening for a reason?  Well, Mr. Fantastic is in Dallas right now.  He got stuck during a layover there, while on his way to Utah.  His big interview is tomorrow.  Our connections have told us that considering his experience and his demonstrated hard work, that this should be more of a formality type of interview.  Basically, we should just be learning the details, and making arrangements. 
Let me tell you this as well: on Friday I got a call that they would offer me a position as well if I wanted it.  So, it looks like we will both be working there and making some good money.  I'll still be going to school, but only part time.  Life is really treating us well right now.  Keep us in your thoughts!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Before We move again

Although it, is not official, we are mostly positive that we will be moving to Utah!!!!  This is a very exciting new adventure for us.  We can hardly wait.  Everything in life happens for a reason, and we believe that this will be a new chapter of greatness for us.  As a fun way to document our sudden change, I made a quick list of things that we need to do in the next couple weeks.  Here it is!!

I hope that your weekend starts out in a fantastic way.  Enjoy life. Enjoy where you are in life now and always know that things can always change.  Be open to change in your life, and you will be happy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SUMMER is finally here!

Summer is finally here and I am beyond excited!  Summer is by far my favorite season!  We have already had several days over 100 degrees!  It's supposed to be one of the hottest and driest summers that we have had in this area in a very long time.  The hot part I can see, but so far the dry part is not happening!  We have had a lot of cloudy or rainy days.  Tonight we actually had hurricane winds that broke the trees in front of our house, snapped the stems of a few of my garden plants, and took siding off of our house.  Craziness!  I do have some very good news to share with you though....Mr. Fantastic has an interview next week in Utah!!!  I still don't want to jinx it, but I am getting really excited that this might actually happen.  I have a friend over there and she told me that she figures as long as he doesn't tell them that his leadership experience is what he has obtained on Call of Duty (the video game), that we should be just wonderful!  Cross your fingers for us!!  As far as other things go, I have gotten all of my transfer stuff ready to go to Westwood College.  I figure that even if we don't move, I would like their program better and I can stay at home which would be awesome!!!  In Italian class, I am nearly failing.  It is not my favorite thing to do in this world, but I can't keep my head above water because the pace is so fast.  I have a really hard time with my memory -so memorizing 30-40 vocab words and conjugations each night is not working out for me.  By switching to Westwood though, I won't have foreign language as a requirement.  Alright, anyhow, here is a little something I put together about my favorite things I love about summertime.
Please have an awesome summer!

Winner! Winner! She's a Winner!!!!

I just want to take a quick moment to publicly congratulate Stephanie for her extraordinary win in my 200 item giveaway!  If you don't know who Stephanie is, you really do need to check out her blogs.  Yes, I used an "s" at the end of blog.  She has THREE!!!! Hope Sewing is Genetic, The Book Rant which she shares with Dianna, and Fewer Answers Than Questions. I can hardly keep up with one, but this talented woman as three!  Her interests include reading, writing, bike riding, home remodeling, and gardening.  Her blogs are really wonderful.  Her posts consist of subjects such as book reviews, life as it passes, sewing, and struggle.  By reading them, I can tell that she is a very compassionate, lady with the hugest of hearts.
I don't want to ruin her surprise by showing you all of the goodies she will be getting, but I will tell you a couple things, and then, once I am sure that she has received them, I will post pictures.  Included in her prizes, in case you didn't know, are 200 items, including, some fabric, some buttons, beautiful papers, stickers, stamps, and the list goes on.  I am also sending her something that is very dear to me.  It is my very first painting that I ever created on canvas.  I stretched and prepared the canvas myself.  The picture is eleven years old.  I really hope she likes it!!!  This giveaway, was about success, about fulfilling a goal, and about thanking the people that support me.  I cannot think of any better way to say thank you, than to pass on a piece of my heart. Well, I best be going now.
Have a lovely week!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Call for Entries!!

The GIVEAWAY ends at midnight tonight.  Don't forget to enter in 200 item giveaway.  You can enter on this post, here, here or here! The first link has a few sneak peaks of the prizes.  There will 200 prizes in all and they will include some of my own work and some amazing crafty supplies to create your own work.  Good luck!  I will be back to announce the winner sometime tomorrow.  I also have some fun stuff to tell you about cooking real Italian food!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello Friends!!! [EDITED]

Just wanted to put up a quick post.  I rode my bike to school and back today and it was a fantastic ride!  This afternoon and evening will be spent studying my Italian for a test tomorrow.  I can't believe that this will make test number 4 and the class is already 2 weeks in....only 3 more to go.
Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY here or here by Friday.  Here is a little sneak peak at some of what is up for grabs:

I hope you all have had a good start to your week so far.  Can you believe that this month is already half over with?  That is crazy!  I can't believe that this year is almost half over with!!
I'm really getting into this list making business with the encouragement from Kelly at On The Brink of Something Beautiful and the other lovely ladies playing along with the 52 lists.  52 weeks challenge.  I have always made lists in my head, and of course, I usually forget what is on those lists.  So, I am challenging myself to not only complete the 52 weeks of list-making with Kelly and the gang, but to also make lists more important in my daily life.  I've been trying to write lists on paper - what a concept!! 
I do remember growing up that I always forgot things, so my step-mom ending up getting me a small but fat notebook and calling it my "brain."  Whenever she needed to tell me anything, she would ask if I had my brain with me.  She would tell me to put it in my brain so that I wouldn't forget!  I hadn't thought about my brain in years!  That's so funny!  I think I might have to get a new brain and carry it with me.  What makes me laugh even harder about this is to think about the saying "If my brain wasn't attached to my body, I would probably forgot where I put it!"  Well, in my case, I often had to tell Staci that I lost my brain or that I forgot my brain in my room, at home, at school, on the bus, etc, etc....
Found Here | Original Source
Here is a list I made yesterday:
-Take new progress pictures of the garden
-Make flash cards for Italian class
-Make and send Father's Day cards
-Take pictures of my bicycle and me
-Do a post about my new bicycle
-Make a journal for all of my lists
-Begin my sketchbook project sketchbook
-Empty the dishwasher
-Tidy up the living room
-Clean the kitchen
-Spend 30 minutes each day organizing the craft room
-Write my Presentation for Italian and work on my composition as well
I'm off to a good start.  I don't have a timeframe for getting these things done other than wanting to do them soon.  Have a pleasant evening!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

52 Lists. 52 Weeks. 10 Things I learned in....


In August of 2009, Mr. Fantastic got to take 15 days leave from Iraq.  He flew to Sydney Australia and flew me there to meet him.  I was so nervous to see him because he had been in Iraq for 8 months.  I was also nervous about finding him.  He had arrived 2 days early and I was arriving a few hours later than I was supposed to.  We did not have any way of communicating because he did not have an active cell phone since he was deployed to Iraq, and I couldn't use mine overseas.  However, when I walked out of customs and started looking around for him, he was standing there waiting.  I hugged him so hard!  The next 2 weeks were the greatest ever!  We had an amazing time.  I miss it there so much and hope that we can go back soon.
Have a lovely week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We Went to Michgan!

Did I mention that we took a trip to Michigan?  Oh it was a lovely trip!  We got to see just about everyone.  We stayed very busy the whole time.  Here are some of the fun things we did:
Played dominos, babysat the nephews, went to the mall, had a cookout, ate good food, played dice, went to my sister's First communion, helped my dad with his garden, surprised my mom and woke her up, rode bicycles, visited with family, ate pizza, had a few beers, smiled, laughed, and had a really pleasant time!
Here are some pictures of our fun time:

Have a pretty Sunday!