Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winner! Winner! She's a Winner!!!!

I just want to take a quick moment to publicly congratulate Stephanie for her extraordinary win in my 200 item giveaway!  If you don't know who Stephanie is, you really do need to check out her blogs.  Yes, I used an "s" at the end of blog.  She has THREE!!!! Hope Sewing is Genetic, The Book Rant which she shares with Dianna, and Fewer Answers Than Questions. I can hardly keep up with one, but this talented woman as three!  Her interests include reading, writing, bike riding, home remodeling, and gardening.  Her blogs are really wonderful.  Her posts consist of subjects such as book reviews, life as it passes, sewing, and struggle.  By reading them, I can tell that she is a very compassionate, lady with the hugest of hearts.
I don't want to ruin her surprise by showing you all of the goodies she will be getting, but I will tell you a couple things, and then, once I am sure that she has received them, I will post pictures.  Included in her prizes, in case you didn't know, are 200 items, including, some fabric, some buttons, beautiful papers, stickers, stamps, and the list goes on.  I am also sending her something that is very dear to me.  It is my very first painting that I ever created on canvas.  I stretched and prepared the canvas myself.  The picture is eleven years old.  I really hope she likes it!!!  This giveaway, was about success, about fulfilling a goal, and about thanking the people that support me.  I cannot think of any better way to say thank you, than to pass on a piece of my heart. Well, I best be going now.
Have a lovely week!!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your kind words! I love getting packages - can't wait!! :D


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