Friday, June 24, 2011

Before We move again

Although it, is not official, we are mostly positive that we will be moving to Utah!!!!  This is a very exciting new adventure for us.  We can hardly wait.  Everything in life happens for a reason, and we believe that this will be a new chapter of greatness for us.  As a fun way to document our sudden change, I made a quick list of things that we need to do in the next couple weeks.  Here it is!!

I hope that your weekend starts out in a fantastic way.  Enjoy life. Enjoy where you are in life now and always know that things can always change.  Be open to change in your life, and you will be happy!

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  1. I love moving - I find it refreshing to go through all my stuff and purge things I don't need! Congratulations, and sending positive vibes your way so that it DOES become 100% official!! :)


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