Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

Normally, I am a very bad plant mama.  I can't keep anything growing for long.  However, I really do love the taste of fresh from the garden fruits and veggies.  I decided to try my hand at a garden.  Now, we rent, so I am unable to dig up the earth for this garden, and we are college students, so we don't want to spend an outragious amount on planters and such.  My grams found this idea in one of her garden magazines:  get a bag of potting soil, cut off the top panel, plant your garden.  Keeping it in the bags also helps to keep the soil moist.  It hasn;t even been 2 weeks yet, and the garden is growing like crazy.  I wanted to share with you some photos!  The first photos are from the day that I planted them.  All of the ones in the photo are planted from seedlings except for the bag under the trellis which I planted from seeds.  There is one bag missing here.  I had to go back and get another bag of soil for the broccoli which I also planted from seeds the very next day.

Now these next pictures were taken one week later.  You can see that the beans and peas under the trellis sprouted and shot up about 6 inches!  The cucumbers are the are in the bag to the left of those.  They have really gotten big.  The smaller plant in that bag is the spaghetti squash.  The bag to the right of the beans and peas is zucchini.  They have gotten huge.  Then the bag off by itself sort of is long neck summer squash or yellow squash.  That new bag there is the broccoli.  Those have sprouted and are starting to get bushy too now!


Have a fantastic evening.  Loves!!!

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  1. The top soil thing is a really good idea! We have a bag that we've been using in a weird way - we used to have a problem with animals getting under our house, because there's a gap where they can crawl in (cat fights under your house? not fun!). We've blocked off the entrance with a bag of top soil!


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