Friday, August 27, 2010

I made a Video!

Hey all!  I was playing around for a class at school....this is just a short little video I made up!  Kind of cute.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pictures Pictures Everywhere!!!!

Alright, I just really really want to have a picture heavy post of all kinds of random stuff that is going on. Leave me comments if you would love to!

Look at this beautiful fire's magic!
This is our treasure wall!
Adorable little Puggly Puppy facce!
Getting ready to watch Avitar in 3D!  I love this cute picture of us
Tiffany riding on a Chicken!!
The US Navy Blue Angels!
Grandma will kill me for this one - she's pole dancing!
I call it, "Sunsest on kiakers"  I miss Wolf Lake
We can only pray that we are this in love after so many years together!
My stud!  Love that quirky grin!
So, this is absolutely adorable!  Grams and Gramps little love shack (the stabbin' cabin!)
Gramps teaching Dakota how to draw water from the well!
What a happy little welcome sign.  The grams and gramps have a little cottage on the lake that we vacation at.  Way fun
Gives new meaning to try-before-you-buy!
My little turtle in the craft room
My sewing desk after I sanded, and painted it!  Isn't it adorable?!!
Have a lovely night!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Art is Just as Fine as Yours

Here is a sample of some of my writting;  I hope that if you do not agree with my side of the argument, that you can at least appreciate where I am coming from:

Their eighteenth birthday is one of those special birthdays that kids often look forward to because of all the new things they will be able to do. That birthday opens an entirely new world for many: they can smoke, they can buy porn, and they can legally get a tattoo or piercing without parental consent. They are adults, so they run out and do all of that. After graduation, they go off to college where they continue to have a great time and get educated before joining the real world. Suddenly after the college graduation though, it’s time to become a real adult and get a real job. They go to interview s but are told, “You’ll have to cover your tattoo.” Bam! So what about a tattoo makes it so awful that people don’t approve and even refuse someone employment because of them, while at the same time hanging up huge pieces of fine “artwork” in their homes or businesses?

When we go to a museum or an art gallery, there are so many different types of art. There are drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, carvings, and the list continues. When though, do we ever see a tattoo on display? Just because a tattoo isn’t found in a gallery, doesn’t mean it isn’t art. The chances that someone would ever choose to stand at a gallery for hours on end to show off their tattoo are pretty doubtful. Although this form of art has been seen throughout history and is even regarded as sacred or spiritual in some cultures, it is usually not acclaimed, never considered professional, and often taboo in sophisticated social circles; the same circles of people that frequent galleries and museums.

If schools are teaching their students that fine art can be defined as art with aesthetic qualities, then tattoos should easily fall within the category of fine art. For many individuals, their tattoos are a part of them. The permanent artwork has deep meanings and messages within it. Many times the pictures depict beliefs and sometimes even spiritual ideas. Tattoos are their skin.

Tattoo artists take their art seriously. They practice and research this art of theirs. When they complete a piece, they take pride in it. The artists often take pictures to use in portfolios as samples of their work. Often they will even have guidelines, rules, or even superstitions about their work and how they complete it. The skin is a tattooist’s canvas; a canvas that, once invested in, can be carried around wherever the owner travels.

So, why the stigma that comes from a tattoo? Although they used to represent many ugly and violent things, tattoos have become artwork – fine artwork! They have become so beautiful and meaningful today. Tattoos are more original than any print you will ever find in a gallery or museum because you can never copy them exactly. They are one of a kind. Tattoos should be regarded as highly as any other piece of fine art, and the owner should be able to display them just as proudly!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surreal Project Progress

Hey all! I've been working on a project for my 3D Design class. Basically, I have to create a surreal environment. It's really hard to explain because I'm not sure I even know what I am doing! are some pictures of the progress. It's going to be a candy shop with an outdoor-scape growing out of the ceiling. A river is going to be the common factor (the candy shop will have a picture of a river on the wall). The river is going to become real in the candy shop picture and flow out of the picture and into the shop. Like I said, very hard to explain!

This is a little chandelier I built from wire.  Hot glue dots make up the little bulbs!

The Wallpaper is up in the little candy shop!  The plaster casted earth is coming from the ceiling!

These are some trees that I made from sticks and fake filament.  They are not actually going to grow out of the wall!
I have also been working on a me-sized chandelier. It is another work in progress, but here is a quick picture of it. You'll have to imagine it painted white with lots of bright and pretty things hanging on it. I am thinking colorful loops of beads, crystals, and things like that. I got the idea from a website and I cannot remember where. I'm sorry about that, but if you know who the credit goes to, please let me know!

Oh, and you have to see this gorgeous picture I took the other morning outside of our apartment.  Isn't the fog just beautiful?

Alright, have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty things around my town!

Here are a few pretty pictures to finish the weekend. Hope you all have a beautiful week coming up!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caught for Plagiarism!

I just have to share this funny little story with you all!  I had to do a report for my English class.  The rough draft was due last week, and we got it back this week.  The instructor sat down with each of us to go over our papers and make sure we understood what changes needed to be made for our final drafts.  He called me up with a look of disappointment on his face.  When he handed my grade sheet to me my jaw dropped!  No credit!  He went into a lecture about plagiarism and how it is wrong.  He talked about how authors deserve credit and about how plagiarism results in a dismissal from the Institute!  Yikes!  I tried to break into his speech before he wasted his time, but he just wouldn't let me.  Finally, after about 5 minutes of him rambling on, he let me speak.  I told him that I appreciated everything that he had to say, but that my report was not plagiarised.  I wrote the report from first-hand experience in Iraq.  He looked completely dumbfounded!  Appologies followed!  He talked about how the report was so well written that it never led on to the fact that the author (myself) was actually relating a personal experience.  Apparently he just could not believe that a regular student in his class would have ever expirienced what I did in Iraq.  He especially would have never thought that I had ever been a soldier!  He was so so so impressed!  He gave me my full credit, told me to check spelling and grammer one more time, and that it would make an awesome final draft report!  Hahaha!!!!  I love it! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diamonds on the brain

So....we started looking at pretty little diamonds to put on my chubby little finger! Dakota says that he has things all planned out in his head, but he has no idea what I could possibly want to wear forever! Haha. He's adorable. He told me that we should go to some places and look togetther so he can get an idea of what I like. Someday he says he might actually ask me to marry him, and he needs to make sure it's perfectly perfect! are just a couple things that I find to be gorgeous. I think I want vintage.  I found these on we<3it!