Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caught for Plagiarism!

I just have to share this funny little story with you all!  I had to do a report for my English class.  The rough draft was due last week, and we got it back this week.  The instructor sat down with each of us to go over our papers and make sure we understood what changes needed to be made for our final drafts.  He called me up with a look of disappointment on his face.  When he handed my grade sheet to me my jaw dropped!  No credit!  He went into a lecture about plagiarism and how it is wrong.  He talked about how authors deserve credit and about how plagiarism results in a dismissal from the Institute!  Yikes!  I tried to break into his speech before he wasted his time, but he just wouldn't let me.  Finally, after about 5 minutes of him rambling on, he let me speak.  I told him that I appreciated everything that he had to say, but that my report was not plagiarised.  I wrote the report from first-hand experience in Iraq.  He looked completely dumbfounded!  Appologies followed!  He talked about how the report was so well written that it never led on to the fact that the author (myself) was actually relating a personal experience.  Apparently he just could not believe that a regular student in his class would have ever expirienced what I did in Iraq.  He especially would have never thought that I had ever been a soldier!  He was so so so impressed!  He gave me my full credit, told me to check spelling and grammer one more time, and that it would make an awesome final draft report!  Hahaha!!!!  I love it! 

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