Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surreal Project Progress

Hey all! I've been working on a project for my 3D Design class. Basically, I have to create a surreal environment. It's really hard to explain because I'm not sure I even know what I am doing! are some pictures of the progress. It's going to be a candy shop with an outdoor-scape growing out of the ceiling. A river is going to be the common factor (the candy shop will have a picture of a river on the wall). The river is going to become real in the candy shop picture and flow out of the picture and into the shop. Like I said, very hard to explain!

This is a little chandelier I built from wire.  Hot glue dots make up the little bulbs!

The Wallpaper is up in the little candy shop!  The plaster casted earth is coming from the ceiling!

These are some trees that I made from sticks and fake filament.  They are not actually going to grow out of the wall!
I have also been working on a me-sized chandelier. It is another work in progress, but here is a quick picture of it. You'll have to imagine it painted white with lots of bright and pretty things hanging on it. I am thinking colorful loops of beads, crystals, and things like that. I got the idea from a website and I cannot remember where. I'm sorry about that, but if you know who the credit goes to, please let me know!

Oh, and you have to see this gorgeous picture I took the other morning outside of our apartment.  Isn't the fog just beautiful?

Alright, have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

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