Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pictures Pictures Everywhere!!!!

Alright, I just really really want to have a picture heavy post of all kinds of random stuff that is going on. Leave me comments if you would love to!

Look at this beautiful fire's magic!
This is our treasure wall!
Adorable little Puggly Puppy facce!
Getting ready to watch Avitar in 3D!  I love this cute picture of us
Tiffany riding on a Chicken!!
The US Navy Blue Angels!
Grandma will kill me for this one - she's pole dancing!
I call it, "Sunsest on kiakers"  I miss Wolf Lake
We can only pray that we are this in love after so many years together!
My stud!  Love that quirky grin!
So, this is absolutely adorable!  Grams and Gramps little love shack (the stabbin' cabin!)
Gramps teaching Dakota how to draw water from the well!
What a happy little welcome sign.  The grams and gramps have a little cottage on the lake that we vacation at.  Way fun
Gives new meaning to try-before-you-buy!
My little turtle in the craft room
My sewing desk after I sanded, and painted it!  Isn't it adorable?!!
Have a lovely night!!

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  1. I so miss these beautiful times. Memories are such pure pleasure..


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