Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SUMMER is finally here!

Summer is finally here and I am beyond excited!  Summer is by far my favorite season!  We have already had several days over 100 degrees!  It's supposed to be one of the hottest and driest summers that we have had in this area in a very long time.  The hot part I can see, but so far the dry part is not happening!  We have had a lot of cloudy or rainy days.  Tonight we actually had hurricane winds that broke the trees in front of our house, snapped the stems of a few of my garden plants, and took siding off of our house.  Craziness!  I do have some very good news to share with you though....Mr. Fantastic has an interview next week in Utah!!!  I still don't want to jinx it, but I am getting really excited that this might actually happen.  I have a friend over there and she told me that she figures as long as he doesn't tell them that his leadership experience is what he has obtained on Call of Duty (the video game), that we should be just wonderful!  Cross your fingers for us!!  As far as other things go, I have gotten all of my transfer stuff ready to go to Westwood College.  I figure that even if we don't move, I would like their program better and I can stay at home which would be awesome!!!  In Italian class, I am nearly failing.  It is not my favorite thing to do in this world, but I can't keep my head above water because the pace is so fast.  I have a really hard time with my memory -so memorizing 30-40 vocab words and conjugations each night is not working out for me.  By switching to Westwood though, I won't have foreign language as a requirement.  Alright, anyhow, here is a little something I put together about my favorite things I love about summertime.
Please have an awesome summer!

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