Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pretty Interior Spaces [Other Painted Things]

This is my last interior spaces post for this little party.  I know, sad face!  You can be sure that I will do many more interior spaces posts in the upcoming months as we move out to Utah, buy a home of our own, and start to decorate it and make it our own.  I can't wait!  I absolutely love painted walls - and by that, I do not mean various shades of eggshell!  I want color, people!!!  Mr. Fantastic doesn't like when I paint rental houses though because he ends up having to help repaint them when I move out, and by help, I do mean that he ends up doing the majority of the work!  Such a good sport he is!  Looking at these pictures here, doesn't it make you want to paint your walls?  Do you have any ideas for pretty paintings? 
Black Bedrooms

Pretty Doodles on cement floors

Lime Living Rooms

Painted Floors to Welcome Guests

Lace Flower Floors

Green Craft Room Ceilings

I am obsessed with needing to have stairs that I can paint so pretty!

These steps are pretty, too!

I love that these "we do" rules are painted right on the wall!  I want!!

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