Monday, November 29, 2010

Cartwheels In My Mind

Have you heard about Cartwheels in My Mind?  I've talked about them before, but I just have to talk about them again because I love love love them!  It is a little online magazine of daily inspiration.  They have photos of the day, tons of DIYs and lots of featured artists.  They also feature not-for-profit bloggers all the time and do blog design.  Yeah, these ladies are full of great ideas.  Recently they did a little feedback comment giveaway.  They were looking to get some feedback on the site because it is still relatively new.  So, I thought I would give them some.  Tonight I was on the site (as I am every night!) and I was reading along and it started to sound like something I had wrote....oh dear it was!  I had forgotten all about the fact that they had a giveaway connected with the feedback comments.  So, needless to say, I am the super excited winner of some handmade scrappy stuff.  I could not be any more excited.  I love these ladies.  Here is my loot:
I can hardly wait for my happy mail to arrive.  I just started scrapping again after about 8 months so this is going to good use!  You should really check them out!  They are amazing!
In other news...
I am very sad today.  Dakota got me earrings for Christmas two years ago just before he left for Iraq.  I never take them out because I love them and it's also hard for me to wear anything but but real gold because my ears are sensitive.  Well, this morning I got in the shower and I realized that one of them was missing.  Somehow it had come out, and I don't know when it happened.  I had to get to work so I had him look for it today.  He looked all over the bedroom, all through the bed, in the clothes I wore yesterday, in my pj's on the floor....everywhere!  The earring is nowhere to be found.  I am so very very very sad.  I feel naked without them.  Keep me in your thoughts as the search continues.
Also, the new supplies are up for round 3 of the craft challenge I am involved with.  I have decided to sit this round out.  Sad face!  It wasn't posted until pretty late last night, I worked all day today, and I am severely exhausted.  I can't really make my brain work hard enough to figure out how to use wire, markers, and paint in one project before midnight tonight.  So, I will pick up with the next round.  I know it sounds bad, but oh man I';m tired!
I honestly do have an excuse for being so tired.  The VA in their infinite wisdom would not allow me to see an endocrinologist for my hypothyroid issues.  My primary doctor put me on synthroid and then when my levels shot up too high she took me off it completely.  That was nearly a month ago.  I can tell that my thyroid levels have dropped dramatically again.  I am way low right now and all of my symptoms are back super strong right now.  I'm having a really hard time with energy.  Because of the whole moving to Knoxville thing, I've not had the opportunity to get into a new doctor with the VA yet and get my levels checked.  Instead I just keep sinking lower.  It's been rough, but Mr. Fantastic has been really great and super supportive.  I couldn't ask for a better man!!  I'm trying and I will keep on trying to stay positive and hold my head up.  Bear with me please though.  Have a lovely week!

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