Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kiel and Elsie!!

Today is a special day!  Today marks the birthdays of two different friends of mine.  First it is my friend Kiel's birthday.  Kiel is an amazing guy that I met while living in Nashville.  He is an Interior Design student at the Art Institute of Tennessee - Nashville!!!  His work is amazing and his dedication even more so.  I was really looking forward to working under him as he led the Interior Design (ASID) students as President.  (I would have been President-Elect, but had to step down from my position.)  Kiel is very smart, personable, and creative.  I miss spending time with him now that we have moved.  However, we still have date nights when I make the trip to Nashville.  We go out as a group to Cracker Barrel and have lots of fun catching up.  I wish Kiel would visit Knoxville so can can have fun here as well!
Secondly, it is Miss Elsie's Birthday.  Elsie, is a blog friend....well, I follow her blog!  Today LA from Freckled Nest, hacked Elsie's blog for a birthday post.  I left the following message for her myself:

Your blog was my first saved favorite on my new computer in June! You are talented, loyal, dedicated, inspiring, gorgeous, and amazingly kind! I love that you are proof that dreams can come true. You give me the courage each day to know that if I work hard, I really will succeed. I cannot give up, and you are the encouragement I daily dose of "you can do it!" Thanks Elsie, for everything that you do, you talented Diva! I hope that your birthday is every bit as amazing as you are!

So, Happy Birthday to two special people.

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