Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Living Room

We have lived in our new house for a week and a half now.  The whole time I have been working hard on making it beautiful.  I would really love to show you pictures, so I will start with the living room.  I really hope you think it is as amazing as we do

The white picture frames still need pictures of us, but for now we are enjoying photos of strangers!

Can you see the old senior picture of my mother on the mirror?  She is absolutely gorgeous! 

Looking in from the hallway....toward the front door.  I still need to finish the chandelier in the back corner between the windows.

looking toward the hallway.

Wow Wall #1.  Some pretty treasures including thrifty finds.

Another shot of that one.

Wow Wall #2.  Do you like the tree growing up our wall?  Can you see the little bird sitting on top of the doorway?  Love him!

I painted this with chalkboard paint.  We need to get some chalk for it still though!

Gotta have a place for my keys so that I won't loose them....I will still loose them anyways!

I made this one out of a string of lanterns.  Kind of fun I think!

Wow Wall #3.  I love picture frames that don't frame anything! 

The futon!  I made the quilt out of upholstry samples, then I turned the quilt into a duvet for the futon cusion.  Still need to paint the frame white though.  We are also in the process of looking for an old door to put over the existing coffee table!!!

Looking into the bedroom areas.

I just love this adorable animal bunting that I made with my cricuut cartride "give a hoot"

beautiful fireplace!!

The sock monkey is actually a dog toy that we found.  I love him though!

Ebay is the best.  I found that italian marble table forever ago and just gave it a facelift.

Ta-Da!!!  I love it!  Do you love it too?
Have a wonderful evening....more to come another day.  Next up, the hallways!

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