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I found the following article at this address  You can find more of Tracy Phaup at her website.  Love it....more people ought to think like her, and maybe this world would be a better place. Maybe if more people followed her example, we would have a lot less negative and a lot more positive in this world!
For many of us getting out of our own way remains one of our biggest challenges. If this sounds like you at all you may benefit from this article about Top 10 Ways To Get Over Yourself.

1. It's not personal.
Taking things personally is one of the greatest barriers to being effective and is a fundamental roadblock to overcome for high powered living. When we take things personal we spend our time and energy on useless, unproductive thoughts, feelings and actions. Want to simply stop spinning your wheels? Stop taking it personal.

2. Devote yourself to serving others.
Buckminster Fuller had reached a point in his life where he wanted to commit suicide, but rather than waste the remainder of his life that way he chose to devote himself to serving others.
Serving others remains one of the most rewarding - and humbling - ways to rediscover who we really are beyond the image that others have of us and the one we have of ourselves. It's a unique way to fully express our truest passions and bulletproofs the value of our lives from the inevitable winds of fortune and change.

3. Recognize the arrogance of judging.
It's human nature to judge others and exercising good judgment is a necessary tool for survival and success. Recognizing the arrogance of judging our fellow human beings doesn't change us from being judging machines, but it goes a long way towards helping us keep our judgments in their proper perspective.

4. Play outside.
Whenever you're in danger of taking yourself too seriously don't forget the value of play, and by taking that play outside you're also reconnecting with being a part of something greater than yourself. Lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds, invite the neighbors to join you for a walk, or play catch with the kids, but never forget to play, and don't forget to take it outside once in a while.

5. Appreciate the humor in being human.
The next time you do something stupid or make a terrible mistake, know that the universe is inviting you to be a part of it's own private joke. We humans can be at our silliest when we are taking ourselves the most seriously, so you might as well enjoy the moments you have on this earth with a well developed sense of humor.

6. Admit that you're crazy.
The defining test for qualifying as crazy on this planet isn't what you think it is. If you've got a pulse - you're crazy.
If you're like most people you look back on certain times in your life and see the insanity of it all.
The bad news? You're not cured and you never will be!
The good news? You're crazy!
The next you want to hold back because people will think you're crazy if you don't, being able to admit that you actually are will give you the freedom you need to decide to do it anyway, or not. The difference is the level of freedom of choice you give yourself.

7. Pray.
You don't have to have a higher power to use the power of prayer. Numerous studies have shown that prayer enhances our quality of life and reduces our stress whether you have faith or not. If you do have faith prayer serves to deepen it and will fine tune your intuition and sensitivity.

8. Rest easy in knowing that you're special - just like everyone else.
You are special. There will never be another you, no matter how far back into history you go or how far into the future you can look; one in infinity. And so is every other person on the planet. Even the ones that push your buttons the most, whether it's your boss, your mom or your kids. There will never be another like them in the whole history of humanity; surely there's something new there for you to notice and appreciate?

9. Trust that everyone has a good reason for doing what they do.
No matter how badly people behave and how badly their behavior hurts others, underneath it all they're trying to achieve a positive income. I don't happen to have enough patience to always appreciate that or the logic that makes some people think that they're behavior could ever produce the outcome they wanted, but I've never had any reason to doubt the truth of a desire for a positive outcome.

10. Make solitude and silence a regular practice.
It won't make you sane (smile), but it will help you get as close as any human can.
Our lives are increasingly hectic, chaotic and complicated, and the practices of solitude and silence can bring both peace and meaning to our lives, as well as function as the foundation for keeping our priorities straight as well as helping us to maintain or ability to continually simplify.

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