Thursday, June 03, 2010

Weekend in pictures!!! (lots of pictures)

So the weekend of pictures every hour on the hour, did not happen perfectly.  I couldnt find my watch with the beeper!  But...I did the best that I could.  I forgot some pictures and was a little late on others.  However, we had a super fun weekend.  In consisted of two days of yard-saling, class on saturday, time with the pug, watching starwars, eating yummy food, grocery shopping, working out, and a few other things!  As I was going through the pictures to save and post them, I realized that many of them were similar and some were even boring.  I decided that instead of showing one for each hour, I would only show off the fun ones!  Here is the weekend in pictures!

Really cute yard-sale
Fire Hydrant
Getting home
Working out
Yummy chicken Dinner (we had it over rice)
We have a projection clock getting ready for bed and playing a brain game on my phone to wind down
Leaving for school
Looking for more yard-sales
Out yard-sale-ing (I was stopped)
Stopping at the goodwill
Leaving for the gym
Homework for Interior Design class
Cute puppy
Printing Sunday coupons
Watching starWars
Bringing as many grocery bags up the stairs in one trip as possible!
Looking at my yard-sale pretties!
Dakota made an easy dinner. I coached him through it!
Pretty finger nails step one.  I later polka-dotted them
Puppy yawns
Laying out our new rug!  Isn't it pretty?
Hanging up laundry in the closet
I had to repair this.  The light bulb had been broken off during the move.
Math homework is so much fun when you go to an art school!
Dakota was painting my other hand for me!  Sweet of him!!

Okay, that was our Memorial Day Weekend! 
I just want to say thank you to those who have served, are serving, or will serve, and thank you to the people that support us through your love and strength!!


  1. Love that rug! What a cute picture-taking idea! I love it! I may have to try this one day! Looks like a great weekend!!! I just posted my weekend post too. Where has this week gone??? I can't believe it's Thursday already! Happy day to you!

  2. haha way to get the guy to do your nails. I wouldn't trust mine. :)


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