Monday, July 12, 2010

A couple Drawings from Class

Hey all!  I can't believe that today was the first day of class for Summer semester!  So exciting!  I really think that I am going to enjoy my Architectural Drawing class.  It seems like the structure will be pretty laid back.  Being that I'm starting some new classes though, I guess I should post up a couple more pictures from last quarter.

These were from a basic drawing class.  I'd taken drawing classes in highschool, but wow, that was 8or 9 years ago that Itook them.  It might have even been 10 years ago.  Okay, I just had a "I'm getting older" moment!  I can't beleive it has actually been that long.  It seems like only a couple years have passed since graduation.  I graduated in 2003.  Yikes!  I guess I did pretty good considering it's been so long since a formal drawing class!  Hahaha!
I have one more post either tonight or tomorrow morning for you.  If I don't post it up tonight though, I hope your night is pretty and full of lucky stars to wish upon!

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  1. I got my prizes today! Thank you soo soo much! I love everything in it, so much great stuff! :)
    p.s. (great drawings!)


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