Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 1 of 30 Day Shred. Weightloss. First week of School.

Yesterday was an amazing day!  I went swimming for an hour and I also did my Jillian Michaels' DVD!  I ate healthy but yummy foods, and when I got on the scale this said I had lost weight!!!!

I must say, that DVD was pretty tough!  It has 3 levels and I did the "easy" level.  In addition to that, there are two different levels within that easy level, and I did the "easy" level on that as well!  It was far from easy!  You should have seen me trying to walk down the stairs afterwards!  I was stumbling because my muscles were so tired in my legs!  Awesome! 
The first week at school passed by.  Classes went alright.  I am speechless at the amount of money I have to spend on supplies though.  So far I have bought a small portion of supplies for one class and spent $100!  I still have a ton of supplies to get for that one though.  In addition to that, I also have three other ones that I have to buy supplies for, and I am not talking about the textbooks that I already bought!  Hahaha!  Education is so so so expensive!  I have a ton of homework already as well.  Yikes! 
Well, I'm off to do my DVD again and then we are heading to WalMart for some supplies on my list.  The great part about getting all that done is that once it is done, Dakota is taking me to the movies tonight! Wohooo!

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