Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ranting - you don't have to read this!

We moved to Nashville about 7 months ago.  We really loved Tennessee, and figured it would be a pretty nice area to live in.  Mostly though, it was Dakota's old Army buddy that encouraged the move and finally convinced us that it was a fantastic idea.  We stayed with his Army buddy and his fiance for the first ten days while we waited to get into our apartment.  I thought I would pull out my hair.  They went out to eat for almost every meal, stayed up until 2 in the morning, and were loud as hell when I was still trying to sleep at 7 before school started at 10.  If anything was out of place, she would get all bent out of shape.  Their tiny, one-bedroom apartment was way too small for 4 adults, 2 crazy wild dogs, and a cat!
I was so relived when we moved into our place.  It did irritate me though during the move that Dakota's Army buddy complained the whole time and kept "joking" about us needing to pay him.  He might have been joking but he mentioned it constantly.  He was the one that offered to help us, and we got pizza and beer, and took them out to dinner, but that just didn't seem to be enough.
As the months went on, I realized what an ass he really was.  Half the time he couldn't even say hello when we came over to their house.  They started to get mad because we didn't want to go out to dinner at least once or twice a week.  We don't have the money to blow on restaurants, and they would ask us at 8 at night after we had already eaten.  Sorry, but I need to be done eating by that time and thinking about resting up for the next day of school!
The end of June and the beginning of July, we went out of town to visit family.  It was at this time that the two of them finally changed their minds for the last time about where their September wedding would be.  They had been going back and forth between Vegas and Nashville for quite some time.  They finally settled on Nashville because of what people would think of them if they got married in Vegas!  seriously?  who cares!  It's their wedding!  So the next step was planning a $10,000 wedding in 2 months with $2,000!  Hahaha!  Good luck.
I designed the invitations, RSVP, and labels, printed them, and put them together with the bridezilla.  In August I found out that I was expected to be a bridesmaid.  Okay.  I spent 140 on a dress.  Next thing was the baccalaureate party.  Her Maid of Honor didn't even live here or have any money so I ending up doing everything with her and buying most everything.  I had to buy a corset to wear for the baccalaureate party.  Oie!!  Then I ended up buying the kit to decorate the car that night, which by the way, never got decorated - waste!  I bought the stupid flashing ring she had to have, the stupid crown she had to wear (which she did not wear because it had a penis on it - she instead cried about it), and I bought all of the stuff to make a sash for her because all of the ones in the store were ugly to her. 
I made her sash which ended up looking way better than anything you would ever find in a store, took all the pink crap off the crown and decorated it to match her sash (found out she said it was really ugly), and made her a special wand to carry around as well.  She only wore the crown and held the wand for a picture then took it off.  The sash ended up on the ground getting stepped on.  S
For ever the bride and groom kept talking about getting a party bus to ride around on together when their parties met up.  Nobody knew that we were expected to get the arrangements made until the day of.  We spent $600 to get the stupid bus last minute ans were assured that all the guests knew that they would have to reimburse us their share - they did not know.  The day of, I also found out that the bride expected to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  No reservations- no dinner; you must make reservations at least 24 hours in advance!  I made reservations at the Melting Pot instead.  I ended up paying for everyone that night, because $40 for a nice dinner was apparently way too much! 
For the wedding I bought all of the stuff to make the headpieces that the bridesmaids were to wear.  I finally finished them the day of the wedding, and then she decided that she didn't want them to be worn.  What?  Her mother was not happy because I had worked on them so hard so she made the bride at least let us put them on to see what they looked like.  She ended up liking them alright so we wore them.  Black veils for a wedding?  Maybe for a funeral!  Of course, that's what I think it might have been anyways...a funeral.  They are so evil to each other all the time.  All they ever do is argue and curse each other out!  They say hateful things all the time, and I can't even begin to tell you how many times the bride told me she needed to cancel the wedding because "they weren't ready to get married"  because the groom was a jerk!  Oh, did I mention that she actually told me that two of her four girls were just a number in her wedding because she didn't have as many girls as the groom had guys for the wedding party!?  I was supposed to be second, and then all of a sudden I was third (behind someone that was just a number) because I thought she made a rude comment and she was mad that I didn't agree with her opinion.  Oh, and now she is number 2's Maid of Honor! 
So anyhow, were are apparently idiots now, because we are horrible people.  We simply asked to be reimbursed for the party bus and now they don't have any money.  Mind you, they eat out all the time, go shopping all the time, and got almost 2,000 in cash for the wedding that was cheap and their parents helped a little bit with.  They have posted up rude things about bad friends all over stupid facebook, and are turning their noses up at us! 
I cannot believe that we actually moved to Nashville because we thought they would be great friends.  They are the most ungrateful, selfish, evil, backstabbing people I have ever met!  They talk about everyone behind their backs!  I am so sad that we moved here.  To top it all off, I really don't care for my school, and I don't see what all the hype is about living in Nashville. 
I believe we are going to move!  We are tired of giving everything to a friendship and being willing to do whatever makes those horrid people happy, just so that we can get walked all over.  We are done!

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