Friday, September 10, 2010

she said yes!!!

We have been so so so very busy this week. We were in a wedding. It was so stressful but turned out very well. I did help quite a bit. I designed the invitations, helped put them together, made all the stuff for the bride's bachelorette party, made the bridesmade's hair pieces, ran around with my head cut off, and a bunch of other stuff. I haven't loaded up pictures of the wedding yet, but I have some bachelorette party stuff to show - only the tasteful pictures! heeheehee! All of the bachelorette pictures are mine. These wedding pictures are taken by Tracie Stone. I will post up more once I load my pictures to the computer. Enjoy the wedding porn! Loves!

pretty flip flops I made
Gifts for the Bride
Maid of Honor and Me
Putting on her pretties!
She was not happy about her crown or her wand
Me being a bridesmaid
Yes, we weere on the bar dancing!
Movie Star!
hanging like monkies on the limo bus ceiling
At a park downtown Nashville
Me and the Bride contemplating it all! haha
Me and my Mr. Fantastic (and Best Man!)

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