Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm posting to post!!

Hey all!
Just wanted to tell you that it is a beautiful day today.  I just got out of my astronomy class and I actually enjoyed it today.  Instead of the usual fill-me-up-with-a-bunch-of-facts type of class today. it was all falling into place.  I was participating and the teacher was quite funny today!! I thought I would share this beautiful picture with you today of a nebulae  that is 6,000 light years away.  That's a really long way!  It's beautiful though.  There is a lot of hydrogen there!  We can see red and blue light from the different stars and hydrogen particles.  Basically, it's just fantastic!! 

Today, Mr. Fantastic has a meeting with his English instructor in my art building!  I'm pretty excited because he has never been in my building on campus yet, and I have a class (Art History) right about the same time, so I am going to leave at the same time and go in together.  Such a small thing that makes such a big happy feeling.  I finally get to share with him the place where I do all my work and feel the most creative.  It's a pretty awesome building as it is four stories high but the whole center of the building is empty but for a giant atrium.  the classrooms are all along the outside and you can look over into the "pit"  where everyone hangs out and makes art between classes.  I love it because there are trees growing inside the atrium and all kinds of posters and neat stuff all over.  It's like art inspiration central!

I'll be finishing up my costume tonight when I get home for work.  I'm not sure if I told you about it yet.  I had to come up with a Mythological creature and portray it through costume and performance.  My "creature" is the goddess of dew and her name is Petrichora.  She has feathers, and sparkles, and even a tiara.  I love her.  We are supposed to go tonight to be in a parade downtown as a class, but I was already scheduled to work so instead, my instructor decided I have to go to a public place and have someone record me performing in my costume.  Mr. Fantastic is going with me in the early afternoon tomorrow so I can do that.  I think we are going to go to the mall.  I hate that I will be all alone for this and make a complete goof of myself!  Oh well!
This weekend is also going to be a huge study weekend.  I have an Art History midterm on Monday.  It is the first test of the semester in that class, and there are only two tests so I pretty much have to do really well on it.  I cannot get lower than a B in the class if I want to be on schedule for my portfolio review next year.  You see, I cannot get lower than a B in any of my art classes to even be accepted into the School of Art.  Yikes-no pressure!
Well, I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!!

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