Wednesday, March 09, 2011

[Working On] Wednesday: Postcard Project

I feel as though I really need to preface this project with an explanation before I end up bombarded with ugly comments.  A few weeks ago I was on campus late at night.  I couldn't park near the art building because of an event that was going on, so I had to walk a good distance back to my car.  My walk took me through the "social square" of campus on a pedestrian only road.  Apparently this is where all the students that live on campus hang out at night because there were a ton of people all over the place.  Some were playing football, some were skateboarding, and others were sitting in groups doing whatever.  The whatever part is what I want to address.  As I walked, I noticed a very large group sitting around and right out in the open, they were smoking weed!!!!  WOW!  I was shocked.  I mean I could smell it and I could see the pipe being passed around.  I can't say that I have issues with people that do that, but I can say that I was surprised to see them out in the open in a very busy area just doing it like it was no big deal!  I wanted to ask them if they were not afraid of getting caught.  What happens if I wasn't just a casual passerby?  What if I had had been an officer?  Did they not care?
Out of curiosity, I decided to check into the school's drug policy.  Would you believe that it was very hard to find?  Although I did find the policy, it took some searching.  One would think that a policy regarding drugs on the campus of such an important and huge school, would be out in the open and easy for everyone to see or find.  It started me thinking about how effective (or ineffective) the policy can be or is.  Apparently it isn't all that effective because not only are students using drugs, but they are using them right out in the open with no concern for their surroundings!
Obviously there are so many different types of drugs:  some legal, and some not so legal.I'd be willing to bet that a good percentage of the students at UT, use at least some form of drug on a weekly, if not daily basis.  Drugs to consider are caffeine, tobacco, weight-loss medications, anti-depressants (both prescribed and otherwise acquired), painkillers, energy supplements, alcohol, steroids, and of course they obvious ones like weed, cocaine, heroine, and mushrooms.  So if we consider this, than why is it that doing drugs is so easy for students to get away with?
Fast-forward a few weeks.  We are assigned to create a postcard and send it to the school addressing a human issue that we previously brainstormed.  Well, I had previously brainstormed Prescription Abuse and branched that off in many directions until it came down to drugs in general.  I thought this would be the perfect time to question drugs on campus and the lack of action taking place over the issue.  A word that really stuck out to me was the word "AWARE."  Maybe the faculty and staff are simple unaware that this is going on.  Maybe they assume that the students wouldn't do drugs on campus, and therefor they leave the issue alone or covered.  I thought, perhaps all it takes is some action to make them aware of the drug behaviors on campus and to uncover the reality - to point it out and put it up in their faces to take a look at.
There was one other requirement for this project.  We had to channel one designer that we had previously researched.  We each had three designers to choose from for our channeling exercise.  I picked the one that I loved the most:  Gail Anderson.  She has an amazing talent with typography and I really wanted to use her work as a means for my own.  So, I will stop boring you with the back story now and present my project.  First is a picture of the Gail Anderson work that I considered:

And now here is my postcard:

What do you think?  Do you like it?  Do you think it is effective in portraying the idea I am trying to get across?  Is it a good communication method?

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  1. I like it a lot! You picked a great subject that mattered to you. And I like how innocent it comes across with all the happy colors and fonts, it's a great contrast to the seriousness of the matter.


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