Sunday, May 08, 2011

[Working On] Sunday: My Final Process Book

Hooray!  The semester is almost complete!  I only have one more final exam tomorrow.  As you well know, I have been working my butt off on my Process Book for my design class.  I worked tirelessly on it for weeks - wait, MONTHS!  Despite how much work I put into it, I still spent hours upon hours working on it this past week.  I worked on it all day on Thursday, did not go to bed, continued working on it all night, and then finally finished it on Friday just before noon!  I don't know, maybe I put too much work into it!  I feel like a lot of people were shocked when I told them how much time I spent on mine.  They acted like I spent way more time than them, and yet theirs turned out great!  Frustrating!  Oh well, I am super excited to finally share my final project with you.  I won't show all of the pages, but I will put up quite a few of them.  Feel free to leave me some constructive criticism.  I can't become a better designer if I don't know what I need to work on!  Thanks so much. 
my cover (forgive me for the watermarks)

If I had designed my cover during the 80's

If I had designed my cover in the 70's

If I had designed my cover in the 60's

If I had designed my cover in the 50's

If I had designed my cover in the 40's

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