Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Our New Home!!!!

Well, here we are in Utah!  The last few days have been a complete whirl.  There were several homes that we have loved, but today we hit a home run!!!  We found a home that is still in the process of being built.  It will be done at the end of the month and already a lot of upgrades are included.  Tomorrow we are going to sign the paperwork and then head to the design center to finish picking out the details!!  This could not be more awesome.  I'm so excited.  Here is a little video of the model home.  Ours is a little different though.  First of all, it is a mirror image of this one.  Ours also has 4 bedrooms instead of the loft at the top of the stairs.  The floors are all upgraded as are the cabinets.  We also will have granite counter-tops!  I can't believe that we will be the first owners - how awesome!

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  1. Congratulations! Now the important part - decorating! :)


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