Monday, February 27, 2012

Fasting: Two Days Down

So, over the weekend, I started my juice fast.  Well, technically it isn't a fast when I am drinking tons of juice, but you get the idea!  For two days, I did nothing but juice my fruits and vegetables for consumption.  I consumed five 16oz drinks each day of my "fast" and wanted to share with you what I observed in the process.  The biggest thing that gets me the most excited is the weight loss.  In two days I lost 9 pounds.  Mind you, a lot of that is water weight, but 9 pounds is 9 pounds! 
On Saturday I had several bowel movements.  They started out normal but got dark and running toward the end of the day.  I felt hunger pains in my tummy, but it was not unbearable.  If I felt too hungry, I just drank another juice.  I felt pretty energized as well.  The one thing that I was not fond of was the headache.  This is quite common though because your body begins ridding itself of toxins.  that night I slept so great!
Sunday brought about some really great things.  I had to urinate a lot.  Although, I had a couple moments when I felt hungry, it was not nearly as bad as it was on Saturday.  The bowel movements stopped.  However, something interesting did take their place.  I had a ton of gas.  This gas was not embarrassing at all though.  It had absolutely no smell whatsoever!  That was amazing.  Oh, and the energy?  Wow!  It was through the roof.  At midnight I still wasn't tired.  Of course, I knew that I had to sleep or I would be a wreck for work today, so I went to bed.  Despite not feeling tired in the least bit, I fell asleep the second I laid my head down!  Amazing!
Today is day three of the fruit juicing.  So far, the energy continues to climb.  I am not hungry at all, but have had some lovely juices so far today.  For breakfast I had watermelon, celery, and granny smith apple juice.  I've known that watermelon is 90% water, but it still surprised me at how much juice came from it.  I'm now enjoying a spinach, blueberry, and wheat-grass juice.  This one doesn't have much flavor, but it quenches my dry mouth that I have today. 
Tomorrow I have a drive into the city, a two hour appointment, a drive back and then a one hour appointment, so I want to keep up this energy.  I also have another drive and appointment on Wednesday.  I originally planned to start my water fast tomorrow, but decided that it might not be the greatest idea.  I would hate for my energy levels to sink while I am in my appointments or worse, driving.  I decided that I will start my water fast on Wednesday after my appointment.  I will break the fast on Sunday, giving myself a day of rest before returning to working from my workplace.  (This week is a work from home week.) 
My plan for breaking my fast on Sunday consists of drinking a mixture of 50% water and 50% watermelon celery juice.  I will continue straight water for 4 hours after this combination, then drink another water/juice mixture.  Again, I will stick to pure water for another four hours.  Once that time is up, I get to drink a glass of 100% juice!  Hooray!  Then back to another 4 hours of fasting before bedtime.
On Monday (or day 2 of my break fast) I will limit myself again to just juice and water.  On this day I won't need to water the juice down though.  Now, because I will be working at work, I will probably need a little pick me up.  For this little pick me up, I will stick to watermelon which has a lot of water within them.  They are also pretty bland and won't irritate my stomach too badly.  On day three I will continue this same routine.
Days four and five will be the same thing, but I will allow myself to eat three apples or pears.  Day six will be a wonderful day as I will be able to enjoy a small vegitable only salad in addition to my apples, pears, juice and water.  Providing my stomach is doing fine, day seven will be a "normal" day.  Of course, normal for me from this point forward will consist of eating a RAW diet.  Fruit's vegetables, nuts, seesds, and sprouts will consume my menus.  for this I am very excited.  I have plenty of gourmet meals planned in order to transitionn between the Standard American Diet (SAD) and a RAW diet.  These things consist of such wonderful treats as "crackers," "cookies," "cheesecakes," "spaghetti," and "chips."  I'll be sure to share these menu items with you as I make them.  However, if you would like, check out the books I posted over the weekend that have great recipes in them to enjoy.
Have a lovely week!

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