Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Design vs. Great Design - A visual example

Hello everyone, and Happy Weekend!!  Hooray!  Sorry I have been so crazy busy.  I worked a lot of overtime this week and still had to do school and whatnot.  Speaking of school, I have a design to share with you.  I wanted to share an example of how I bring my designs from good to great.

 I completed some edits that really make it look a lot better.  I messed with the images to add some inner and outer glow as well as a drop shadow and bevel.  I think this makes them pop a little more while not looking like they are floating off the page.  I muted the background color to provide more contrast between it and the foreground.  I changed up the font color for the quote because I really wanted it to be navy blue and was told it looked black.  The contrast is a lot stronger now and makes for better readability.  I also messed with the inner shadow to make it a little more dynamic and match up with the images better.  As for the part, "act like an animal"  I changed the font as well as the font color.  I think this helps with the hierarchy and puts a better emphasis on the entire message I am portraying here.  I want people to act like the animals that do not lie!  Next, I changed to position of that phrase to make it more a part of what was being said.  I wanted to unify it with the quote and did so by placing it next to it.  The differences in color help to keep each part separate.  Lastly, I brought the text closer to the center to give the format a better top to bottom balance.  By doing this I also created negative shapes that echo each other - the negative "L" shape on top of the design flips over and repeats at the bottom of the design.
If anyone has any further suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!!

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