Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've Got the Ring and a Date

Remember how I told you about our boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/fiancee thing we had going on?  and rememeber how I told you that the real deal might be approaching?  Well, it finally came!  This past week has been the greatest week of my life! 
Mr Fantastic was supposed to be home on Tuesday evening.  What did he do instead?  He surprised me late Sunday night with a ten minute warning!  Happiest day in a very long time.  Oh, but wait.  There's more!  Thursday night he took me out to look at the stars.  It is something we do from time to time.  Not really often, but enough that it didn't seem suspicious to me.  I sat on the hood of the car while he stood next to me.  It was freezing cold but totally ok.  He kept going into the car to get another drink of mountain dew.  I think he was just really nervous!  After we looked at several different constellations for a while, I was getting a little too cold.  I wsa ready to leave but he kept procrastinating and finally "saw a really bright and sparkly star"  that he had to point out.  His finger looked kind of funny shaped but I figured I was imagining things until he pointed the light of my phone at the tip of his finger.  I gasped!  I asked, "really?"  He turned to me and asked me to marry him.  "Renay, will you marry me?"  Through my sobs I managed to say yes as we hugged and kissed.  Then he tried to put the ring on my right hand!  I love him!  I adore the ring and as always with him, it is way more than I deserve.  Officially, the greatest night of my life!!!  Of all my favorite things in life, he is my favorite of all of my favorites.  He is my everything! 
Today he left to go to Afghanistan for a year.  He may be back for a visit in August, and he might also get another little vacation 3-6 months after that, but a whole year is still a really long time.  I miss him already!
I have two things to look forward to in all of this:  Next May when he comes home for good, and next Labor Day weekend when he becomes my super amazing, extra fantastic, perfect for me in every way husband!

He's all mine for the rest of our lives!

Couldn't be happier to spend forever together

The wedding set

Closeup: Yes, the wedding band is rose gold with pink diamonds

Such a gorgeous vintage feel

And for now...the engagement ring I'm lucky enough to wear!
I hope all of you have a great week.  Although my Mr Fantastic is gone, I'm still on a high from the week we spent together! 


  1. Congrats! Your ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. Hi! I was googling pink diamond and rose gold engagement wedding bands and found your blog! I absolutely love the combination on your rings and was thinking about doing something similar. Can you tell me where your fiance found the bands? Thanks!


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