Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Well, hello there, friends! It's been a very long while and I have lots of reasons for that, but I must say that I am quite excited to be back to blogging again. In the past seven months I've gone through a lot of personal changes - a lot! I've had time to reflect on so many aspects of my life. I've given thought to what matters and what does not, and the weight that I carry on my shoulders has gotten lighter. So, you may be wondering what I've been up to. Boy oh boy, are you ready to hear all this? Haha. I'll give you an abbreviated version:

Mr. Fantastic left for Afghanistan which of course was a huge struggle for me. He is my rock, my strength, my support, and my drive to keep going. Without him next to my side, and never knowing for sure that at any given moment he was safe, was very difficult for me. I had gone through a year of him being deployed before and that was really tough, but I think this time was even more difficult.

I started my garden. I am pretty sure I planted just about everything I possibly could. I was so excited to be able to eat my own produce. Later in the year I would find out that I would not get the chance to do this, but more on that later. I did however have the chance to et fresh basil from the garden and enjoy the radishes. They were so so yummy!

My mother came to visit at the beginning of July for a week. We had such a great time. She helped me to organize a lot of our house that had still been in shambles due to the move last summer. She also helped me set up my studio/office and it looks amazing although it is still not quite finished. I think the most awesome thing that we did though was start planning the wedding! What a dream come true this process has been.

Alright, are you ready for this next part? This could very well be the biggest part of the entire year. My boss asked me to deploy for three months. I told him no course, but then discovered that it would be to the same location as Mr. Fantastic and I couldn't help but say yes! A chance to be with him for three months would be amazing no matter where we were. I left at the end of July. The kicker of the whole thing is that I did not tell him I was coming. When I got there, I found some of his co-workers because he was off shift and sleeping, and they took me to him. I think they were jsut as excited to me! When I knocked on his door, the reunion was the best part of my entire year! After about a month and adapting to the way things go in Afghanistan, I decided to extend my stay here for an additional 3 months. Unfortunatly things always seem to work out strangly for us and right after that, an issue came up with the contract he was working under and he had to return home without me. Strugggle!!!!!! Two months later though, he was back here with me and things were right again.

I also started a new semester of school in September. I studied Sacred Geometry for Design and once again Adobe Suite. I'm pretty sure I sont ever want to take that one again seeing as how I have taken it three times at three different schools. The good news is that although I often got very stressed out with having to work here in Afghanistan 12 hours per day and 7 days each week on top of going to school, I still managed to finish this past week with straight A's! Wowza! It was tough for sure, but I made it.

In between all of these events and on top of everything I am already having to deal with, I'm planning a wedding, dealing with a selfish family (my dad's side) that believes they are more important than anything and are making our wedding plans very difficult, and trying to be supportive of my loved ones who are falling apart. I'm trying to make the best of our relationship here while we both have separate quarters and while the people we are working with over here can't get their heads out of their butts. The manager here has tried to get me fired on several occasions through the telling of lies about me, and I am still trying to figure out why he hates me. We have been without heat in below freezing conditions up until last week when we finally rigged up some heat, but it's not very good. And lastly, I am still trying to maintain my health through eating good foods. This part has been impossible because the Army does not believe in vegetarianism, vegan-ism, lactose intolerant issues, gluten allergies, or anything else that might prohibit somebody from eating sausage links, scrambled eggs loaded with cheese, doughnuts, and every other kind of junk possible.

However, despite it all, I am ready to try to blog again. I may not be blogging as often as I used to, but I will be doing my best. I have just under a month left here, and then I will be back home to a somewhat normal lifestyle. So, bear with me if I'm not constantly making updates, but I kind of have a lot going on.  In the next couple of weeks though, you can expect to see pictures from my garden up until I left it behind in July, you can expect to see some of my school projects, some wedding updates, maybe a few pictures of how I'm looking now that I have lost about 70 pounds, a review of my goals for the year, and new goals for next year.  I'll do my best, because that is the best I can do!  Have a Merry Christmas!


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