Friday, December 28, 2012

So, 2012 has come to a close. Another year is spent. I'd like to take a look at my goals that I set for this past year and reflect on them a bit:

lemon water in the mornings
Well, although I did do this for a while, I ended up stopping. I didn't stop because I wanted to, but rather because I had to. Getting lemons over in Afghanistan isn't exactly possible!
turmeric  tea
 I must admit that I never did make any turmeric tea. when I was back in the states I did incorporate turmeric into my cooking though and I loved it! I don't have any here though.
write one hand written snail mail letter at least once per month
 I made great headway with this one up until June. I was pretty proud of myself for this one!
send flowers to someone for no reason
 In the early spring I attempted this one. For some reason though the flower shop ended up canceling the order. I never thought much about it again until just recently. Today though, a beautiful flowering plant was delivered to my grandmother. It's a living plant that she can replant into her garden. I hope she loves it!
back up all of my digital files to an external hard drive and keep it all organized
 I backed up all of my digital files onto an external hard drive before I left. Since I've been here, I have not updated everything, but I at least have all of my photos backed up! Go me!
complete 12 exciting just for fun projects that I have on my fun projects to try list
Yup, I totally failed at this one!
read 12books for personal enjoyment
I'm finishing up books 11 and 12 right now! Go me!
Plant Hydrangeas
 So, I planted them. I also killed them! At least I tried!
make an amazing blanket for our bed
 Dang it, another one that I did not complete.
complete 3 canvas paintings
 And another one!
try a new recipe each month
I tried so many new recipes I can't even count. I did not do one each month because I've been here since the end of July, but I think the recipes that I tried throughout the first 6 months completely overrides it all.
make 6 loaves of bread
 I made two loaves of bread. Dang it all! The were both raw though!
keep a what I did today 3X5 journal
 I kept an electronic what I did today journal on my computer. I managed to keep it up all year! Now, I just need to copy it all down into a 3X5 journal.
host an awesome dinner party
 I hosted two parties this year. One was a baby reveal shower and the other was an adults only RAW dinner party. Both parties were successful!
host a wine party
No wine party, but I do plan to host one once I get back to the states.
strive for only 23 1/2 hours of sedentary activity each day
 I think I did a pretty decent job of completing this one. Some days were busier than others, but I was active for at least 30 minutes each day.
blog at least one per week
 This one was super tough. I had so many things going on and have reasons for taking some breaks from blogging.
achieve a 3.5 in school
In the three terms that I went to school, I got a 3.8 or higher each term!  Go me!!
get engaged 
 I'm not really sure if this should have been an actual goal to set, but the good news is that it happened! We are planning an August 31, 2013 wedding.
feel great in a size 10 pair of jeans
Since I am over here I have no idea what size I can wear. I do know that I have had to get smaller and smaller sizes and the current jeans that I have are a size 12 but they are too big. I bet I could fit in a size 10! I originally made this goal because I did not want to set a number for my weightloss. Weightloss can be tricky when you are building muscle. I am proud to say though that I have lost over 70 pounds this year! Yeah, that's a small kid!
plant herbs
 Oh, I planted the heck out of some herbs! I even had the chance to eat a lot of my basil before I left. the rest of them are probably dead though.
create a birthday planner calender and stock up on cards to send out for special occasions
So, the planner went by the wayside. However, I did stock up on a ton of cards and did pretty well with making sure I got them out on time!
learn one "ballroom" type of dance
 Total fail. I did get a kinect though and have a dancing tutorial on it, but then I left.
go one full week without my cellphone
 Well, I have managed to go for over 5 months without my cell phone. I'd say I'm doing pretty good!
research getting my business license and follow through with a plan
 I picked up several books on the subject to include specific books for the state of Utah. I also researched what I need to do in order to get a license.
do one commissioned project
I did not manage to accomplish this one. Dang it!
organize my office and set it up for productive activities
Woohoo! When my mother came down to visit just before I left, we made a couple trips to IKEA and got some very lovely furniture. We spent two days going through everything, organizing, and making it all pretty. I can't wait to go home and make use of it!
paint my fingernails and toenails at least once per month
Haha. I'm beginning to see a growing trend. I blame all of my failed goals on being in Afghanistan. Again, I did not do this one because painting my nails is not the greatest idea over here. I would look pretty silly.
go on a picnic
 Although we did not go on a real picnic, Kaye and I went down by the pond to watch pelicans and took pictures of them while I ate some food.
go to a concert
 No concert. So sad!
make valentine cards and send them
Nope. Failed this one too!
Take more pictures
This one worked while I was home, but once I left home, I have hardly taken any pictures. I really need to though!

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