Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scrapbooking: an addiction, an antidepressant

The other day at work I starting typing. when I finished, I read what I had typed....

I am typing just to type right now because everyone is in the office across the hall and can tell if I am “working” or not. Of course they can not see my
computer screen or anything, but they can see my actions. If I at least
keep typing this entire time that they are over there, it makes it look like I
am actually working and doing stuff. I have no real urgent work to do and
I'd rather be home scrapbooking, so I do not actually want to tell them that I
have no real work to do. If I tell them that, then they will give me work
to do and I will have to actually do it instead of messing around. I love
love love looking at scrapbooking on Two Peas. I totally am addicted to
it. I really seriously do mean addicted, too because I do it every waking
moment that I have. I go to work and do it all day (of course I do a
little work here and there), and then I go home and get online and do it until
my eyes hurt and I know that I have to sleep or else... Do they make rehab
for that? Haha! No, seriously though! I think I need rehab for
it….wait, no, I don’t need rehab. If I went to rehab I would have to
change my ways. I definitely do not want to change my ways. I love
love love it and I do not want to stop doing it by any means. They can’t
make me stop! They just can’t do it! Hmmm….I should really print
this out and use it for a scrapbook page about scrapbooking! That’s not a
bad idea. See, I told you I am addicted. I am getting that
scrapbooker’s mentality. I think of things in terms of scrapbooking.
I take pictures in terms of scrapbooking. I see things in terms of
scrapbooking. I eat, breath, and dream scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is
the absolute best thing. Okay, okay, not the best thing because we all
know that the best thing in my life is Dakota, but it is in my top ten.
Family and friends have to be rated before it, or I wouldn’t even have anything to scrapbook about. I think Dakota might be getting tired of me talking about scrapbooking all the time though! Let’s just take a moment to think about it though. Color, shapes, design, creativity, beauty, love, fun….
And on and on and on. What is there not to love about it? It keeps
me so busy that the time goes by so fast, and then I don’t have a whole lot of
time left to be sad and depressed and angry about my current life
situation. It keeps the clock ticking down until Dakota comes home from
Iraq; not that I will stop when he gets home! It is an outlet for my
frustrations, a source of excitement and a documentation of all the truly great things about life. It helps me to think in term of goodness. There
are positive things in my life and scrapbooking proves it. Scrapbooking is
re-living the good. It is my antidepressant.

I liked it so much that I have been using it alot. I added it to my profile at Two Peas even.

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