Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloggin' On

Again today I have realized the blah-ness of my blog. Hmmm....a trend? Probably. I have been blogging around for the last week or so and I have found so many great and fantastic blogs. It seems like most of them are groups or businesses though. I have seen some personal ones for the record. The few that I have seen have given more inspiration to do more with my own. Time - the one thing I wish I had endless amounts of. Ok, so I have created over 100 pages of scrapbooking greatness (well, maybe not the greatness part) over the last month and a half. The first 18 were uploaded to Two Peas. Does that tell you anything? Yeah, my addiction is beginning to end at the actual page creation. How unfair of me. I take take take everyone else's inspiration and ideas and leave non of my own behind. So, here I am promising that I will TRY to be unselfish. I will try my damdest to remember that scrapbooking inspiration comes not only from everyone else, but from myself too! Although I am in no way tooting my own horn or saying that my LOs are grand, I will be attempting to add to the world. I will begin once again to post up my LOs for the world to see. Please feel free to check out my albums at TwoPeas and give out some CC. I truly do need it. How am I going to get any better if nobody tells me what I need to work on? Alright, and I guess I might even put a few of them up on my blog here too! Maybe all of this will make it a little better and get more people looking. Of course, there is the fact that there is not really any way to look me up or find me. If you do happen across my blog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some CC and feel free to pass it on if you think it is worth it. So, yeah, there you have it!

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