Thursday, October 15, 2009

a rant about intolerant scrapbookers!

A scrapbook career in shreds --

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I found the Dare book one day while shopping in Memphis with my sister Tiffany. I fell in love. I didn't even know what the story behind it was. Now that I am really getting back into scrapbooking, I have spent so much time looking for ideas and challenges and whatnot on the web. Today I decided to investigate the web and see if I could find any websites that offered more dares or further information about the book and it's fabulous authors. To my horor, I came across this article. The gist of the article is about how one of the books authors, Kristina Contes, went through a terrible patch and was dogged out nad ripped apart. I wanted to cry for her (until I got to the happy ending). I am one of those rebelious scrappers. sure, I do have a lot of pages that "follow the rules," but let's face it, life is not all about flowers and butterflies. Life can be inspired, blunt, angry, drunk, pricey, silly, upsetting, ugly, and grand. Why should we stick to the rules when life never really does. The plans we make always change or don't work out quite right. I just think that it is sad that people would show such intolerance to a fellow scrapbooking queen. If it is perfectly fine for you to lay down four pictures ai a pretty little grid with some flowers and lace and tell about how nice the weather was at the park, then why is it not alright to spill some black paint and ruff it up with some red, throw down a picture of tears, and write about how badly your heart hurts today. People really upset me when they can't open up to change. Hey! Those damn butterflies you used on your page, weren't always butterflies you know! They used to be ugly caterpillars. I think everyone has to experience everything in life. Life happens and EVERYTHING that happens makes us who we are. A lot of times it is the non traditional scrapbook themed things in life that shape us the most. Our addictions to candy bars might have more of an impact on us every single day than the 8 million pictures of granny's surprise birthday party. Everyone has a different story. Oh, and not to stray off the main idea of the article too much.... I think that the scrapbook contest was more about the scrapbooking than about who took the pictures! I have about 1000 pictures from a trip my sweetie and I just took, and guess what, I can't remember who took which pictures because we both used both of our cameras! At least she was concerned and loyal enough to her friend to remember and give her credit! Blah!

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