Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy Days Pass By Quickly

Wowza! As of about 30 minutes ago, I finally got the chance to sit down. I did so many things today. I cleaned (a lot) and even gave my puppy a bath. That was fun. It was actually very funny. She hates water. It is getting cold out, so I dragged out the hairdryer to make sure she didn't get too cold or sick after the bath. She didn't like that even more than she didn't like the water. Whe was barking and running back in forth in the bathroom. Each time I managed to grab her up into my lap, I only got about a minute worth of drying in before she managed wo wiggle free. After she was finally dry the little stinker went outside to go potty, and what did she do? She rolled around in the wet grass and dirt of course! Go figure. Silly puppy. I did manage to head over to the blog stomp on paper popsicles too today and get in some comment time and learn some fantastic ideas for crafting. I can't wait to make all the neat projects that there were! It will be great fall fun. Ooooooh, I also did a coupld more scrapbook pages about our trip to Australia. I can't believe that I already have over 60 pages to document the trip! Yeah! I know, it's a lot for a two week trip, but hey! it was a trip of a lifetime. I'm over half-way done though. I think that is the meat of my day though. I talked to my mummsie and the little sis. I did not take a nap at all which is unusual, and I did some research. I am totally stoked about a really great project I just discovered. Teach for America! I have decided that once I graduate from college (Going back to school in May and will be attending Westwood College in Denver{fingers crossed} for Interior Design and Computer Aided Drafting) I really would like to apply for this unique opportunity. I want to to be a part of it in order to give kids a better chance; in order to try to make a difference! Check it out if you can. Alright, well, now that I am sitting down, I am also talking online with my sweetie. He is still in Iraq but will be back next month after being there for a year. So, because I am talking to him, I have to get going. Lots to chat about with him! Laters!

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