Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I thought I would share with you some of this weekend excitement...
Saturday morning began with a weet text message from Dakota...I knew there was a reason that I love him! Then off to WalMart with a hopping list. Yes, I actually wrote a list, and somehow managed to leave the store before I bought too many things that were not on the list. Did I mention that I got all the way there without my purse? I had to drive all the way back home, get the purse and drive all the way back to WalMart. So I got some great things...Christmas tree decorations, storage bins, laundry basket, new pillows, new sheets, a phone charger for my car, and some random other things. When I got home I cleaned the laundry room. Yikes! I put away all of my summer clothes into bins to make more hanging room in there for when Dakota comes beause I do not have closets! Gasp!!! My laundry room is outside by the way, so I froze! I then came inide and decided that the kitchen floor needed to be mopped. Smart me put cleaner directly on the floor and thought I would just use the water bucket to rinse the mop....obviously I do not ever use anything other than the swiffer on the floor....I had cleaner sud and water everywhere. It took me two hours to finally get it all soaked up and the suds gone...too long. Then I baked a carrot cake. Yummy! I put up my wonderully ugly new fake christmas tree! I hate fake trees but it seemed to be the only option since it's just me and the puppy right now. Pretty decorations though!! Teal and Silver! I talked to Dakota for a while about random stuff. then I put the freshly washed new sheets on the bed! Oh so soft. The old sheets were two years old and wearing thin. I want to have nice sheets for when Dakota comes. I love them! The only bad thing is that they had the light blue color only in king size so I had to go with the deep brown ones. I have a brown comforter....lots of brown! I did get an extra pair of pillow cases though in the light blue. It looks so luxerious! I think that was just about the end of the day.
At 12:15 am I got a text message from Dakota being the first to wish me a happy birthday but not wanting to wake me up! It woke me up but that is ok. Grandma A called at 7am and I didn't answer. She let a message wishing me a happy birthday. I went back to sleep. Mummsie called at 10am and I woke up. She sang to me. I froted the cake and made it all pretty with leafy vines and pink flowers. I wrote happy birthday Kaye and me on it. I put candles on it and brought it down to puppy level. I got some pretty funny pictures of kaye licking the frosting! I did manage to get one picture of the cake with candles ablaze, kaye and me, then quickly blew them out a cut a tiny peice for her. So many funny pictures of her chowing down. She loved it. I put her new sweater on her and gave her a bone. She likes the sweater and the bone so I got more pictures. Called grandma back. Accidentaly called grams and gramps so I figured instead of hanging up I would talk to them. They had planned to call in the aternoon, but that is fine. Misty, my awesome friend (and only one I really have here) called and wished me a happy birthday and asked if she could take me to the city for sushi. I would be crazy to turn that down! I love love love sushi! So went to eat after I took a shower... she convinced me to go to the company Christmas party on Friday night. I had to go to Target to buy a new skirt to wear. I've gained quite a bit of weight lately and didn't have anything to wear to the formal business dress party. Found a skirt that could not be any more perfect. Fell totally in love with it! Bought it! My ather actaully called to wish me a happy birthday. I was shocked! I have talked to him (including today' call) three times since August. we don't talk much. Then I talked to Staci...his recent ex-wife, who I am still very close to. And talked to my little siblings about Christmas. And that is about it for the wonderful birthday weekend! Hope you are all doing well!

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