Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Long Time no Post (Kind of long!)

Hello all!
I know that it has been quite a while since I posted last. I had an absolutely wonderful trip! Dakota was supposed to come home on Wednesday, but got delayed until Friday night. then he had to work when he got back. Yucky! That's fine though because I got to extend my stay in Texas a little while and really get to spend some good time with him. we did so many nice things...played with the puppy, went out to eat, played monopoly, played rock band with friends, and just spent some much needed time together. Don't worry...I have plenty of pictures to serve as memories of this very happy reunion. I am so glad that he is finally home from Iraq. Oh, and he got me an early birthday present - the new Droid phone! what a sweetheart, huh? This way we can talk all we want because we are now on the same cell phone plan. So, even though he had to stay in Texas, and I just had to come back to work in Tennessee, we can talk and text all we want to stay in touch! so excited about that!
I put together a mini-album before I left to display all of the awesome fun we had. Last night I spent most of the night editing the pictures and getting them ready for print. He has to email me the ones from his camera still though. As soon as those are printed, I can put them into the album real quicklike and add some finishing elements! Woohoo! My first mini-album will be completed and I will post up the pictures.
While I was waiting for Dakota to come home, I spent some time in the hotel by myself. I did some 2Pea searching and some blog fun stuff. Out of the Hat announced their November winners while I was there....and.....I won! Now don't get too crazy with the congrats because they had 4 winners. Two of the winners were people choice and people choice runner up. another winner was the Design Team favorite. I managed to squeak in with the random draw winner slot! So, although I won, and I think my layout is awesome, i'm not up there with the pros yet! heeheehee. The other winners did such awesome layouts too! I thought it was a great challenge though....trees and diecuts are so much fun! All about Me also announced their winner for November. Now they also do the random winner thing I believe, which is still pretty great because it gives beginners just as much of a chance at winning as the pros. they have two challenges a month and for each challenge that you complete, you get a chance in the drawing. I completed both. You can see them in earlier posts...I can't live without you much longer and my forever mark. So I just want to thank the wonderful ladies over at both of these blogs. The design teams are totally amazing! The sponsers were also just as amazing! Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker and De-Lish Scraps! WooHoo thanks so much!
The last thing that I really want to talk about is in regards to a previous post. If you read my post about hating my job, saving money, and wanting to return to school, then I hope you will be interested in a little followup from that. Dakota and I had some long talk going on about my situation here in Tennessee. He knows that I am so very unhappy here, but it does seem kind of silly for me to move down to Texas with him right now. He gets a couple weeks off at Christmas and New Years in order to go visit his family that he has not seen since this time last year. then he will go back to Texas and pretty much just be doing all the crazy things you have to do when you get out of the Army. after that (sometime around the end of January) he is going back up to see some of his other family members that he can't see during his first trip - the ones in Winconsin and his dad I believe. So, basically if you really look at it, he is going to be back and forth a lot and actually done with the Army for good on February 20th. then he will be coming to tennessee with me. I might as well keep working right now and keep paying those bills and saving that money for a little bit longer. At that point, it will be time to start looking for a new place to live up in Nashville so that I can start school. the actual date for the quarter to start at The Art Institute is April 5th. I am working on my application now so wish me lots of luck! I just can't hardly wait!
Well, I truely hope that the holidays are magical for all of you right now. I wish only the best for you all in your family time, fun crafts, and the dreadful Christmas crowds! I'm praying for you all that you continue to be blessed, and that you have a joyous season. In two weeks from tomorrow, I will be heading north to Michigan to spend a quick Christmas weekend with my loving family. I cannot wait to see my mumsie, little sis, grams and gramps, step-dad Rodney who I haven't seen in a long while, Staci, and the whole rest of the gang! Woohoo!

Hugs and Scrappy Loves!

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