Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A shocking win!

As I blogged about a couple posts ago, I participated in the blog launch activities for Scraptivity. There were a few technology issues that I had, and I was unable to post my submissions on the page in time. Scraptivity has been so awesome in all of this. They were able to fi the issue that I had, and then even had my submissions put into the contests. To top it off, I won!!! My layout that you can see below - Cause Every Girl Is Crazy 'Bout A Sharp Dressed Man - was the winner! I was absolutely shocked. I had so much fun doing the project. I was ecited to at least get them up on my blog, but what Scraptivity did about submitting me to the contest was totally unepected. I am incredably greatful to all the wonderful ladies over there. This is just another proof that people in the scrapbook community are amazing! Thank you so much Scraptivity! I love the site over there and can't wait to participate in the future.....

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