Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Calender Mistake! Please help me!

I was so excited last week when I picked up an adorable little date book calender. It has month view and day view sections. When I got home, I filled in all the dates(it was an empty calender that you make to fit the year) and when I got to December 13th - My birthday - I realized that it was on the same day as this year. "Well, that's not right." I thought. So I went back to check each month and try to figure out where my mistake was made. Oh, my goodness! I made the mistake on January 1st! I started the calender on the wrong day and every single day from then on is incorrect! I can't believe I made such a huge mistake. Does anyone have any ideas for fixing this by altering it or adding some kind of embelishment over all of the dates so that I can fix them? I am so OCD that I want to make it look like the covers I put over my mistakes were actually meant to be! Help?


  1. Oh No!!! You could always use the small alpha stickers available like Making Memories or Adorn It and cover them up. They would look ok.
    Hope you figure it out.

  2. I was going to suggest the same thing. I think that Karen Foster has these stickers that you can use if you make your own calendar. They are little square stickers. That would look like it was meant to be. Good luck!!


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