Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Target makes scrapbooking cheep!

Hey all, I had to drive 2 1/2 hours to Memphis today for a doctor's appointment. Yucky! I hate that long drive, but I made some good use out of it. We do not have a target where I am at. The closest one is an hour away. Sadly, Walmart (a very unstocked one) is the only place that sells anything crafty around here. So, anyways, while I was in Memphis, I decided to take advantage of being there, and I stopped into Target. I just had to peek down the scrapbook aisle. Holy cow! I found a ton of super cool stuff for 99 cents! Yeah, you read that right! They have a sign up and everything about how we should be able to do our hobbie without spending tons of money. So anyhow, I picked up some great items that could have easily gone for 4 or 5 dollars by other companies! I was just so excited. I hope you might check it out too

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