Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I did a bad {good} thing!

One thing that many of you probably do not know about me is that I absolutely cannot stand my job. Now, I really try hard not to be negative, but I just have to point that out before my story. So, I am currently in a huge rut. I absolutely dread going to work every single day, and really, I don't like any of the undermotivated people that I work with except for maybe 2 or 3. Every single day, I think to myself, "I can fix this!" I can get out of this rut because I am better than this! I guess the main thing that is keeping me here is bills. We all have to pay bills. In the last two weeks I have been so good. I have not bought anything that I have not actually needed. This does include scrapbooking stuff. I mean, my goodness, I am really starting to collect a stash. I just need to use my stash! I am trying very hard to use my paychecks to pay off the bills that I have collected....mostly medical bills by the way. Next week Dakota comes home from Iraq, so I have to drive to Texas for a week to see him. I absolutely hate when anyone pays for me (to include Dakota who I have been with for so long - and who also happens to be the man I am going to marry) so I am also paying for the hotel to stay in. It will be pushing it if I pay too much over the minimum this month on any bills because of all that. Well, I just have to have a mini album to scrap the wonderful reunion in, and I have a ten dollar gift certificate to 2peas, and I looked at my bank account....I bought some stuff today on 2peas! I know I should not have, but I did. now, mind you, I did not get too much. Just a few important things that I did not have such as an actual mini-album! So, I am super excited for it to come in, but I'm also a little mad at myself for falling into my own trap. I keep saying that I can get all these bills paid off by May if I try hard and make that effort. At that point, I plan to go back to school for design. I am prior military, so I have what is called the post 9/11 GI bill that will pay for my tuition and give me a monthly income for housing arrangements. I will be able to make it just fine, but I will need to have all these bills paid off. So, anyhow, now that I have gone on and on about the same thing that many people find trying right now, I will end with this: Scrp your Stash, Renay!!!! Ha!. I'm sorry that I ranted, but I just needed to get that off my chest right now.
My current project that I am fighting with is printing pictures for more layouts. My prointer is printing in all these crazy wild colors, and it is upsetting. I cannot figure out how to fix it. It's like one or two will print fine and then a bunch will print funny. Then it prints a few more juzt fine. so bare with me that I have not posted up much lately. I don't have too many pictures left to scrap without my printer working right! That is actually where I got the mini-album idea from. I started to collect stashed stuff last night into opne place so that I can work on a mini-album. I can do the whole album without having any pictures. Instead of uploading the pictures to my computer and printing them, I will take them to the store and have them printed out so I can use them! Good idea? I'm trying to find ways to keep my creative energies flowwing right now so that the time passes quickly. I feel like a little child the week before Christmas. I just can't wait to see Dakota. I miss him so much!!!

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