Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Scrap Challenges over the weekend

Over the weekend I have worked on several Challenges using old and "newer" pictures. As you'll see, I used song lyrics or a couple of the journaling spots. I really love music and I think that it can really tell the eelings and events going on. The first Layout, entititled "I'm Leavin'" is about the last night that Dakota and I spent together before he had to leave for Iraq. Everyone has heard the lyrics to leavin' on a jet plane...I took some of them out that didn't quite apply, but most of them are there. The lyrics are so true to our situation! For the Layout I used a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. I have been hoarding the white paper with the little hearts and envelopes on it for Years!!!

This was based on a sketch rom 52 sketches 52 weeks.
The journaling reads,"You've never really been one to let your sadness show. After spending 15 days together, it came time for you to return to Iraq and finish your 1 year tour. As we spent our last hours together, you didn't want me to cry so instead, you made me laugh!" I used a few different collections here the basic grey june bug paper, fancy pants kraft kuts, and the heart strip and journal spots are sassarass lass!

This next layout is based on Let's Capture These Sketches #18. I followed the sketch pretty closely. I love my little puppy, Kaye! She is so sweet. I used a little Love Bandit product here. I just can't get enough of it! I also did some stamping on my thickers. Altered embellishment - part of a challenge from Cheryl.

I have decided that we need to bring hats (headwear, haedbands, cute littel barrets, and such...) back!!!! I ust love how women used to wear hats all the time no matter what. I absolutely love hats. I have over 20 of them!! this layout tells just that, and shows me at work {working of course!} while wearing a hat!! Love it!

Scrap and Stamp Challenge

The following two layouts were for Scraptivity's blog launch today. They had a lot going on over there today! It was pretty exciting. Something was wrong with the webmaster, so I was unable to submit my layouts for the contests, but I had a lot of fun doing them so I still wanted to post them tonight. This first one is Dakota. While in Iraq he had the chance to have some suits custom made. He sent me these pictues from Iraq when he picked them up! I love love love them!!! After all, every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!! I also used a little side challenge from Cheryl : using song lyrics for your title!

Sketch Challenge

Janine Says was a really fun game over there as well. Every 20 minutes, she posted up commands. We had to do the ones that were started with Janine says.... I had so much fun with it. I did have one issue for not following directions! Originally I had the brown paper with all the big circles on it, as the background. When I realized that a lot of it was going to be covered, I switched it to the paper framing the picture. I forgot that it was not double sided! Oooops! When we cut it into strips and started curling, I realized my mistake. I had to use another paper and adhere it to the back, then cut the strips on it to match the previously cut strips. That was tough! When I curled it, it looked pretty good though. Then I realized that once again, not much of that brown paper was going to show. I decided not to curl it up completely, so that way you could still see some of it. I was hoping that I would still get to put it on the page in another place too! Our next step was using three strips of paper. Hooray! I would get to use the paper I loved so much on the layout after all! Then I realized that I didn't have the right sizes for it except to make one strip. I actually like it this way though. I think that because of the aboriginal picture, maybe any more of the special "aboriginal-like" paper would distract too much from the picture that I was trying to highlight on the LO. So anyhow....I loved the game, and here is my LO:

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